Everything You Need to Bear-Proof Your Property

There are certain areas of the world where the most threatening animal you’ll ever find on your property would be your neighbor’s pet cat. However, there are various areas where animals can pose a much greater worry. Bears, in particular, tend to be the four-legged creatures that the majority of us fear bumping into most. However, keeping them at bay is by no means a simple task. They’re big, and they’re strong. They can run, they can climb, and they can work their way through surprisingly small spaces. Perhaps most importantly, they hold the potential to harm you, your pets, and any other smaller creature around. There’s a lot of protocol in regards to what to do should you find yourself face to face with a bear. But as the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure. So, here are a few sage pieces of advice in order to bear-proof your property and grounds.



bear-proof your property




Everything You Need To Bear-Proof Your Property




Dispose of Waste Responsibly


First things first, you need to recognize why a bear would make its way to you. Ideally, they’d prefer to stay away from humans. However, when hungry, they will stray into built-up residential areas in search of food. So, it’s important to ensure that you dispose of all of your waste responsibly. If you leave your food out or even have a bin that can be easily opened, you’re essentially providing the creatures with a never-ending, easy to access food source. And they’ll return time and time again.


Take a look at sites such as bearsaver.com . They provide world-leading bear-proof enclosures for trash and recycling. No matter what your needs, there will be something to suit you. From small-scale, individual dumpsters, to mini depots. You can also try this trash bin from Toter.



Store Anything Edible Securely


Many of us leave our pets’ food out of doors. Whether you have dog kibble, dried cat food, or bird seed, a bear will see anything edible and remotely nutritious as a viable meal. Again, you need to store this securely in strong, locked bins. Alternatively, store these types of foods on your property in a spare room or garage.


bear-proof your property



Remove Fruit Trees


Sure, we’d all love our own orchard of sorts. But if you do want trees on your land, try to ensure that they are species which don’t produce fruit. Otherwise, you’ll find your home attracts bears from near and far every time your fruits ripen. The smell is enticing, and bears will be able to sniff out a thriving fruit tree from almost twenty miles away.


Some people try to prevent access by putting up fences, but at the end of the day, bears can climb, and unless you install electric fences, they’ll find a way in. And who wants an orchard surrounded by the eyesore of electric fences anyway?


If you have bears that roam your land than you must know how to bear-proof your property.



As you can see, the way to bear-proof your property is a matter of logic and persistence. As soon as they realize your property has nothing to offer them, they will venture elsewhere for their meals.


Do you have bears that run your land? What do you do to bear-proof your property? Share your ideas in the comment box below.


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