4 Tips On How To Be More Sustainable

Although sustainability has become something of a buzzword recently, many people still feel as if they have a personal responsibility to be more sustainable. Sustainability is all about doing extra things to help reduce your own impact on the environment.

While there can be a lot of pressure to become the ‘perfect’ environmentalist, it is important that you just do your best and understand there is no one way to be sustainable. If sustainability is something you would like to get into, then keep on reading to find out our 4 top tips to become more sustainable.


Reduce Your Plastic Consumption

One thing you can do to be more sustainable is reducing your plastic consumption. Single-use plastic is one of the worst things for our planet. Every year so much of it ends up in the ocean.

When it comes to getting rid of single-use plastic, it is the responsibility of companies. However, you as an individual can lessen the demand. Ditch single-use plastic and instead start using reusable items like reusable straws and coffee cups. It may seem small, but it can actually make a huge difference.

reusable straws

Eat A More Plant-Based Diet

Another thing you can do to be more sustainable is to start eating a more plant-based diet. The meat and dairy industry has a huge, negative impact on the planet. You could make a real difference by switching to a more plant-based diet.

Of course, going fully vegan is a big step, but if you did want to switch up your diet a bit, then cooking at home is a good way to do it. There are lots of great foods that can be made vegan.

For example, pizza. If you’re thinking of making homemade pizza, then why not invest in an Ooni? This outdoor pizza oven makes it super simple to cook delicious meals. Ooni will be a great company to purchase from when you’re trying to be more sustainable. They donate a percentage of their annual turnover to support environmental causes.

vegan salad

Travel Sustainably

Traveling sustainably is quite a broad term, and it can mean different things to different people. If you are someone who drives to work every day, then perhaps start thinking of different modes of transportation.

Public transportation is a great alternative that is far more sustainable than driving, so that could be a good option for you. Or if your place of work isn’t too far, then perhaps consider riding a bike or simply walking to work. Both options are very sustainable and eco-friendly, and they are also great forms of exercise too.

Biking to work

Buy Second-Hand Clothes

Buying second-hand clothes is another thing you can do to be more sustainable. Often, when we buy clothes on the internet, and we then send them back, the clothes will not be put back on the shelf.

They will instead be sent to a landfill. Not only this, but so many fast-fashion clothes are essentially made of plastic. When they end up in a landfill, microplastics seep into the oceans. It will be far better for the planet for you to start thrifting clothes and buying them second-hand.

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