How to Give Your Bathroom The Attention It Deserves

When owning a home, there are various rooms that tend to have our attention more than others. So when deciding to decorate, most people will focus on their bedroom and the living room most. That is where they spend most of their time unwinding and relaxing after a busy day at work. One area that is often overlooked, is the bathroom. Yet it’s a vital part to any home so there’s no reason that it shouldn’t have your attention.

There are so many different ideas and looks that you can create. You just need to have a think about what reflects you best, as that is the main goal when owning a home. You want to add life and soul into it so that it’s more than just four walls that keep you safe. And you should be able to feel the warm atmosphere and personality as soon as you walk in – and so should your guests too. This includes spaces like the bathroom. So before you start planning the design of your kitchen instead, have a think about what you could do with your bathroom. – Give it some attention for once! Here are some ideas to get you started.


How To Give Your Bathroom The Attention It Deserves

The Color

There’s no reason why your bathroom has to be that standard off-white or that pale shade of mint green. You can go as subtle or as over the top as you like. So if you prefer a calmer feel – almost spa-like, then you should think about earthy colors like olive green, warm mocha, and charcoal grey. Or you can turn the tables and opt for pops of bright colors like cherry red, apple green, or apricot orange. One way to add a pop of color is to install bathroom wallpaper. It’s an easy and effective way to quickly update your bathroom and make it stand out for all the right reasons. There are no rules when it comes to color as long as you’re saying something with your choices. Once you have the main color, you can choose a secondary shade to compliment it. Then add hints of that around the rest of your space.


The Toilet

When thinking about redesigning a bathroom, most people’s thoughts will be on working around the bath, shower, or wash basin. But sometimes you should think about one of the most obvious things first – like the toilet. Believe it or not, there are so many different types out there, from low levels to high levels, and concealed to wall hung. You have tons of options when you start thinking about how to choose the perfect toilet. First, take into account anything that may be a priority. So for example, if you have someone rather old living at home with you, you want to ensure they have easy access.


The Flooring

What you have on the floor of your bathroom is very important because your bare feet will come into contact with a lot – more than they would anywhere else in your home as you may tend to wear socks most of the time. Carpet isn’t wise for a bathroom simply because it will get wet and damp. And will take a while to dry completely. So wood or laminate is an easier option. If you did still want the choice of feeling a nice soft fluffy sensation beneath you, then all you have to do is get a rug. You can place this is the center of your bathroom, or at the entrance of your bath or shower. Then you have something to soak up the moisture when you’re done.


The lighting

Lighting is such a powerful thing because it’s what sets the tone of a room and creates the atmosphere you want to create, all by the level of brightness and placement. As a bathroom is a room of function, you will want the main light that allows you to see everything around you. But if and when you want to really take a load off and have a long soak in the bathtub without a care in the world, you’re going to want a darker spot to lose yourself in. This is where the likes of candles come in. There is nothing more beautiful than the warm glow of a candle that reflects off the window while you do what you do best.


Now you have a few ideas and examples of what you can do. Go and have a look at what you have to work with, and come up with your own plan of action. You’ll soon find that your new favorite spot to hang out in is the bathroom because it looks so much more inviting now.

 One area that is often overlooked, is the bathroom, and yet it's a vital part to any home so there's no reason that it shouldn't have your attention.

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