5 Amazing Bathroom Upgrades You Need This Year

Every once in a while, certain parts of our homes need remodeling or a change of décor. On the other hand, sometimes we need to make these areas more practical. However, why not combine the two and make a room more functional and more aesthetically pleasing at the same time? If you are considering making bathroom upgrades this year, listed below are some upgrades you should not overlook.


5 Amazing Bathroom Upgrades You Need This Year



Install Water-Conserving Elements


When starting your bathroom upgrades, you should have sustainability in mind. While looking for elements you wish to incorporate into the room, also pay attention to how green they are. For instance, if you’re getting a new toilet, besides deciding on the style and whether it will be wall-mounted, look for a low-flow model that will not waste too much water.


The same should be applied to the faucets and showerheads. Look for low-flow varieties and even consider motion-activated faucets to cut down on water consumption. Luckily, manufacturers are aware of how important sustainability is in 2020, so they are doing their best to come up with designs that will not only be practical but also eye-catching.


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Upgrade the Lighting Fixtures


In case the current lighting fixtures are old and worn-out or simply don’t work properly, you need to start looking for replacements. Also, you need to decide which types of fixtures you want to install and where they need to be placed so that an electrician can conduct an audit and check whether any new wiring is needed.


The options you have are countless so you need to do some research and see if you want an overhead lighting fixture like a stunning chandelier, some interesting-looking wall sconces next to the mirrors and above the bath or some simple recessed lights. Whichever options you decide on, you need LED bulbs which will last longer and save you money.


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Introduce a New Color Scheme


Experimenting with colors was one of the most popular design trends of 2019 and it’s sticking around for a bit longer. Seeing as how every room needs a fresh coat of paint after a couple of years, you can easily change the whole look of the bathroom by just choosing a new shade for your walls or tiles. This is a great alternative when there is no need to replace your fixtures. You can opt for any hue you like best but keep in mind that pastels and metallics are very in right now.


What is more, if you are replacing your fixtures and elements and you plan on changing the color scheme of the bathroom on a regular basis, get pieces in neutral or wooden tones so that they can match every style you pick for the room. On the other hand, you can also keep the walls and floors neutral while getting brightly-colored fixtures – for example, a blue or terracotta tub can be a great focal point. Finally, when choosing the paint, go for zero- or low-VOC varieties.


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Add More Storage


There’s no point in denying it – we are all always in need of more storage space in the bathroom. It can be quite tricky to implement more cabinets if your bathroom is of the smaller variety but luckily, there are some ways you can still create more space for your necessities. For instance, if you are doing a complete bathroom upgrade, you can opt for a hidden-tank toilet which will save you a lot of precious space that you can use for either shelves or wall nooks where you can put your towels or skincare products.


A similar thing can be done near your bathtub or shower – these little coves in the wall are a real lifesaver when it comes to space. Moreover, if you have a pedestal sink, you can consider replacing it with a model that offers storage underneath. If possible, get a floating one that is a bit wider; that way, you will create the illusion of more space because the floor will be clear. To stay on the green side, you can also consider making shelves out of recycled pallets – that will surely give the space a unique look.


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Decide If You Need a Tub


Another thing that you need to think over if you have a smaller bathroom is whether you actually need a bathtub. In case no one in your family is a huge fan of baths and you usually don’t use it – there is no need for this fixture. By taking it out of the equation, you will have so much more space at your disposal that you can utilize in a better way, whether it’s for storage or simply having more room to move around.


Also, if you have another bathroom in the house with a bath, you probably don’t need two. What is more, seeing as how baths use so much more water than showers, you will actually be saving both the planet and your budget. Instead of a bath, consider an open shower that will not only save you space but it will also bring in a touch of minimalism to the room.


If you are worried about certain family members not having a place to sit while in the shower, you can add a bench that will help them out and look gorgeous at the same time.



Try these 5 amazing bathroom upgrades to make your bathroom become the bathroom of your dreams.

In addition to these five bathroom upgrades, you should also consider checking your piping and installing an extraction fan or adding a window. When it comes to ambiance, introducing greenery, adding pleasant smells and setting up some entertainment sources are all potential bathroom upgrades for you to think about.





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