5 Bathroom Renovation Tips for Homeowners

Bathroom renovation tips for homeowners are a hot topic. People love renovating their bathrooms and making them more functional, trendy, and comfortable. Therefore, they are often part of home remodeling projects. 

Bathrooms are smaller than most parts of the house, yet when it comes to remodeling, they require ample time for planning and executing the project. Bathroom remodeling also requires a significant amount of investment in terms of time and money. 

Many people find bathroom remodeling challenging. But it does not have to be the case. Careful and timely planning and consideration of all the essential aspects can make bathroom remodeling much easier and more manageable. Of course, you could always find a bathroom design service to do the remodel for you if it’s not something you wish to take on yourself.

Bathroom being renovated

If you plan to redo your bathroom, the bathroom renovation tips for homeowners below can make it a streamlined and smooth experience. 

1. Look for inspiration and ideas before starting the project

Bathroom remodeling is a major project; therefore, you should not start without proper planning, including collecting ideas and inspirations from various sources. 

Some ways to collect ideas are listed below.

  • You can look through home improvement magazines. These magazines often feature bathroom remodeling ideas. 
  • Watching home improvement shows focused on bathroom remodeling can provide you with innovative ideas and expert tips for creating stunning transformations. 
  • Design ideas can also be collected by visiting local home improvement stores where they display bathroom fixtures, tiles, and accessories. These stores provide you with the opportunity to visualize different options.
  • If your budget allows, consider consulting a designer for personalized ideas. 
  • Visiting websites like Pinterest and Instagram is also an excellent way to get inspiration. Interior designers often upload small videos and reels on Instagram, giving you quick bathroom makeover ideas. For instance, videos on Instagram or articles on the internet on 10 small bathroom flooring ideas can give you tips about tile pattern and color, design and layout, etc., in the bathroom. 

2. Build in, not build out, when space is a premium

The major mistake you can make when renovating the bathroom is not considering the space you have before starting the project. The design and layout of a small room are quite different from that of an expansive one. 

If you are working with a small space, focus on building in instead of building out. Remove anything that might be taking up unnecessary space. For instance, accessories like soap dishes, medicine cabinets, and some toilet roll holders occupy a lot of useful space. Streamlining the bathroom layout allows you to make more space within the bathroom. 

You can do the following for this purpose. 

  • Make niches in your shower area for keeping essentials like shampoo, soap, and other toiletries. This way, you can clear the space occupied by shower caddies and racks.
  • In a bathroom with a bathtub, you can create an alcove in the wall near the tub. Here you can keep bath salts, decorative items, or candles for a relaxing environment during bathing. 
  • Add lighting in the niches for a subtle, warm, and inviting feel.
  • You can also make hidden niches and storage space concealed behind the mirror in the bathroom for hiding away medicine or personal use items. 

Adding niches in the bathroom creates additional storage space and makes it look customized and upscale. These small changes enhance your bathroom’s functionality by efficiently accommodating everything you want to keep in your limited bathroom space. 

Shower and tub in niche

3. Set a budget 

Bathroom remodeling needs effort, both in the form of time and money. Side by side, you should also remember that bathroom makeovers are not cheap. Therefore, set a budget before starting the project, lest you incur expenses not part of the initial project. 

Setting a budget from the start has numerous benefits.

  • By carefully making a budget, you can anticipate the project’s total cost and avoid unexpected expenses.
  • It makes sure you have enough finances to complete the project. If your budget exceeds your current finances, you can arrange the money through various means, such as home improvement loans or borrowing from friends and family.
  • Knowing you have enough money to complete your project brings peace of mind. It allows you to focus on the project instead of arranging for cash now and then. 
  • Based on your total budget and affordability, choose the quality of the materials and finishes, such as high-end options or more budget-friendly alternatives. 
  • It keeps you on track, forcing you to stick to the timelines because, as time passes, an increase in the inflation rate can spike material costs.
  • It prevents you from adding new elements to the design of your bathroom, helping you spend on the essential aspects of the bathroom renovation.
  • It encourages you to keep track of various costs to ensure you stay within the budget. 

4. Determine the position of your toilet

When it comes to the bathroom layout, many factors come into play. But the most significant of all is the position of your toilet. It helps you decide the overall design, functionality, and flow of the space. Therefore, opting for a toilet position that bestows a cohesive look to your bathroom is essential. 

Some factors you must consider when determining the position of your toilet are the following. 

  • The plumbing and drainage system in your bathroom influences the location of the toilet. If you don’t want an extensive overhaul of the bathroom, and keep the project cost-effective, position the new toilet close to the existing plumbing. 
  • Consider the door’s swing and other elements such as cabinetry, vanity, and bathtub. Leave enough space for the door to swing fully without obstructing the toilet.
  • Position the toilet in such a way as to provide some privacy. Avoid placing it in direct view from the bathroom entrance or main living areas.
  • Make sure it is comfortable to use the toilet by placing it where it is not cramped between other fixtures.
  • If you have older parents using the bathroom, place the toilet in a way it allows for the installation of grab bars for safety and support. 
New toilet

5. Decide about materials at the beginning 

If you don’t want any hiccups during renovation or delay your bathroom renovation project, decide on the material in the beginning. Starting early on the material hunt allows you to ensure that you can find the material you have envisioned for your bathrooms. And if it is unavailable locally, you can visit other cities or order imported material. 

Working on more than one bathroom requires a different design and materials. Select the materials for each bathroom and buy enough to account for accidental damage or breakage during installation. 

When deciding on the material, choose a high-quality, durable material that can withstand the bathroom environment without deteriorating quickly. In addition, make sure your chosen material creates a cohesive, coordinated, and visually appealing space. 


Bathroom remodeling is a serious undertaking; therefore, it must be taken as such. From planning the design and layout to setting the budget to choosing the right material, each phase adds value and ensures the project’s success. Therefore, once you have decided to remodel your bathroom, take time to consider all the essential aspects, some of which have been mentioned above. 

I hope the preceding bathroom renovation tips for homeowners helped you be better prepared for your renovation project!

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