10 Basic Homesteading Tools for Homesteaders

No one wants to live a modern life anymore, people are running from the rat race in big cities,  and most of us are thinking of escaping. What better way to do it than through a homestead? Anything can happen when you’re off the grid, that’s why first-time homesteading families need to be prepared. We have the 10 basic homesteading tools every first-time homesteader needs to become a creator for their little garden and house of dreams.

On our list, we prepared a set of different homesteader tools that you will need throughout the year for gardening and maintenance. Next up are our 10 basic homesteading tools when it comes to needed tools for homesteads.

10 Basic Homesteading Tools


Pliers are one of the basic homesteading tools if you’re considering fixing anything in the extra small category. It doesn’t matter if there’s a rusty nail, you need to fix your bike or harvester machine, pliers can always help. Just make sure you have one in your toolbox because you will need it for different fixes around the house and in the garden. There are various types of pliers you can get, that can cut or bend wires, and remove nails. Do you know what type you need? Why not get multipurpose pliers, since they will be used very often.


Once you say tools, everyone’s first thought is a hammer, and since it is still the best thing for building and deconstruction, it had to be on our basic homesteading tools list. We use it for driving nails into the wood when building, but this is the most obvious use. What we also use it for is deconstruction, like setting apart wooden pallets or as a crowbar for smaller items. You can use it for landscaping projects or designing pallet furniture


We just love this one-wheeled tool! Use it as a transportation device for rocks, dirt, manure, hay, firewood, and any other bulky item you might come across. But everyone’s favorite way to use it is to transport a child or smaller person across the yard with it. It’s fun for everyone!



Here’s a basic homesteading tool you haven’t heard about in a while. We put it on our list because we use it almost every week. A scythe is a landowner’s best friend, and here is why: You can use it as a no-electricity lawnmower. Sure, it won’t look like a backyard in the suburbs but having a meadow will attract bees and other insects, and animals that will help you grow your off-the-grid garden. This handy tool will help you in keeping fit and collecting hay, so make sure you get one as soon as possible.


One of our favorite gardening tools is the simple but effective hoe that we use almost every day in our garden. There are so many different types of hoes, that you will have to find your perfect one by yourself. Use this homesteader tool as a gardening and digging instrument, so don’t forget to acquire one before buying your new property.


Every time we go out, we bring our trusty multi-tool with us. If you’re considering homesteading or are already a beginner homesteader, we recommend you purchase the handiest of the basic homesteading tools. Not just for safety or survival reasons, but also for moments where you need an extra hand. Check out wildernesstoday.com for their recommendation of the best pocket knife and more.

Even when walking around the yard, a homestead will always have some unpolished corners like wires sticking out or un-tightened screws. This is where your pocket multitool comes in. Use it as a screwdriver, knife, scissors, or pliers, it’s all there!


If your new homestead is near a forest, consider getting a machete as one of your first-time basic homesteading tools. This might seem like a very unlikely-to-use tool, but once you think about it, you realize that it has an array of benefits. These include trimming trees, hacking through the overgrowth, and self-defense. The uses of one of the most popular homesteader tools are immense, and with them, you can say you are relying on your own two hands for security.



There is nothing better than locally sourced wood from the forest next to your house. No firewood will ever burn that good or long. So, if you have a wood-burning stove, make sure to purchase a hand or cross-cut saw. You won’t use it just for firewood, but also cutting building material or making the trees around your house safer.

A cross-cut is perfect for projects that require a lot of cutting so your hands can rest more. Unlike the hand saw, which requires a lot more handwork and strength, and is perfect for thinner wood. You may also want to purchase saws for cutting metal as well.


Another classic of the basic homesteading tools is the hand ax. Not so multi-purpose but a must-have if you’re considering adding a wood stove in your homestead. When firing this stove daily, you will also use this tool for making kindling and chopping wood. Choosing the right ax for your needs is a must, and you should take your intended use and size into consideration. If your stove is big, your firewood can be chopped to a bigger size. But if it’s the contrary, you need to find an ax with which you can fine-tune it. 


The number one on our list is the trusty shovel. We chose this item as our best in the category of basic homesteading tools because every homestead needs one. You can use it to scoop and move material from one place to another. If you’re looking for a multi-purpose tool that pairs as a spade, ax, and shovel at the same time, look for a survival shovel. 

With this tool, you can break dense ground, chop trees, and move soil, definitely better than your average shovel from the hardware store.

Anything can happen when you’re off the grid, that’s why first-time homesteading families need to be prepared. We have the 10 basic homesteading tools every first-time homesteader needs to become a creator for their little garden and house of dreams.

Final Thoughts on the Best Homesteader Tools

Everyone knows why they are drawn to their homestead dream, which includes a healthier lifestyle, a slower pace, and living off the grid. If you’re still thinking about making your move in the right direction, this article is your sign to start planning. Once you know what you want, go and get the 10 basic homesteading tools every first-time homesteader needs in their shed. Another piece of advice we can give you is to buy quality tools that you won’t have to exchange every season.

We hope our article helped you with choosing the basic tools you need for building the homestead of your dreams.

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