Must Have Barn Tools Every Homesteader Should Own

Anyone that owns a barn on their homestead knows that there are certain barn tools they can’t live without. There are so many tools available at every store you visit. But do you know which tools you need, and what those tools are used for?

Here are the top barn tools that every homestead barn should have on hand.

Check out this must-have list of barn tools every homesteader should own!

Barn Tools and Their Uses

Muck Rakes and Pitchforks

A muckrake is similar to a leaf rake. It has longer tines and is almost shaped in an L shape, opposite a regular rake. They come with wooden or metal handles, and metal or plastic tines which can be semi-flexible. 

They are also very similar to a pitchfork but wider and longer tines. This tool is a must-have for cleaning out stalls and even chicken coops.

A pitchfork is another important tool for the barn. The tines of a pitchfork are much harder, allowing you to pick up heavier loads. I use a pitchfork when turning compost, and when moving new hay into the coops or the barn.

A pitchfork also comes in handy when gardening as it does a wonderful job at breaking up hard ground.

barn tools


The wheelbarrow is such a versatile barn tool. Wheelbarrows can haul just about anything, anywhere, and with ease. Wheelbarrows come in a multitude of sizes and shapes for whatever projects you need. 

Some wheelbarrows now come motorized for going uphill easier. Some features can include a “dumping” feature to save your back from straining. There are many uses for a wheelbarrow in the barn.

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Blowers and Brooms

Brooms can be as small as a household broom, or as large as a 4-foot push broom. These brooms make clean up of small piles of debris much easier to pick up. 

Larger push brooms can be used to sweep larger areas and even scrub walls and floors if needed.

Blowers are useful when cleaning up both inside and outside the barn. Some blowers come with a vacuum attachment, and some even mulch the leaves they vacuum up. 

I use my blower when cleaning out the main part of the barn and even to clean the roof and gutters of my barn.

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The Water Hose

Even though most people don’t classify the water hose as a barn tool, it is a must-have in the barn. Water hoses come in many lengths and strengths.

I recommend a heavy-duty hose that can withstand a lot of use. My hose helps wash the floors, the stalls, and even the animals. 

I also use that hose to pressure wash the barn when the pollen season ends. And the most important aspect of the water hose? Water for the animals, of course.

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Misc. Power Tools and Hand Tools

There are many power tools and hand tools that can be mentioned here.

However, here is a small list of the most important tools most homesteaders prefer in the barn.

barn tools

Having the right barn tools on hand can save and time and energy in the barn and on the homestead. What tools do you keep in your barn?

Every homesteader should own these tools for the barn.

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This post has been updated since its original publish date of April, 2017.

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  1. Yes, these tools do seem essential! I think we use almost all of them, except maybe haven’t tried the muckrake.

    Good tools just make life easier, don’t they!

  2. Those motorized wheelbarrows are so cool, but so expensive! I think in most cases you’re better off just getting a regular one unless you do a serious amount of, err, wheelbarrow…ing.

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