How To Grow Your Dreams With A Backyard Homestead

Homesteading is becoming an increasingly popular way of life, and it’s easy to see why. In an age where big businesses and damaging eco wastage threaten to take over, it couldn’t be less surprising that we’re turning our attention to such an alternative. This is why many people are doing a backyard homestead.

The trouble is that many of us assume we’re helpless unless we move to the countryside when that simply isn’t the case. In truth, a new concept, known as ‘backyard homesteading’, makes it possible to get stuck into this lifestyle whether your house is in the heart of LA’s luxury Outpost Estates or way out in the rural climes of Beaufort, South Carolina.

Instead of putting off the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of, then, turn your suburban retreat into a backyard homestead. Here are some pointers to get started. 

Backyard Garden

How to Grow Your Dreams With a Backyard Homestead

Focus on smaller animals

A homestead does, of course, rely on animals. How else are you going to become self-sufficient? But, let’s get realistic; no matter how large or luxurious your house, a normal backyard is unlikely to fit a cow or herd of sheep.

Instead, focus on smaller animals that you know you can easily keep in the space. Chickens are, obviously, a top option here, as are rabbits, ducks, and other such small creatures.

They might not take your efforts to the levels of your dreams, but they’re a start.  Even better, the opportunity to breed rabbits or sell eggs could well become a way to make an income on your backyard homestead.

backyard chickens

Use the space in your backyard homestead to its best

Don’t make the mistake, either, of thinking that you need sprawling fields to grow your own fruit and vegetables. In reality, suburban homeowners have been growing their own produce for decades, and there’s no space small enough to stop you from joining them.

At the very least you can start a windowsill garden to get started with. Small, well-planned vegetable patches and vines that don’t take up much space can also work well.

Do you live in a suburban neighborhood and feel you can't start a homestead? Think again. Homesteading is not just for farms and large properties anymore.

Do note, though, that you’ll need to make sure to check restrictions in your local area. Some suburbs restrict or altogether ban home growth, so do your research before you get planting in your backyard homestead to ensure your goods won’t end up causing you to pay fines and having to remove your garden after all your hard work. 

Utilize your interiors

Remember, too, that a successful backyard homestead isn’t all about what happens outside. In fact, many of the homestead skills that stand to earn you a fortune take place in the kitchen. And guess what? Your suburban kitchen may well be bigger than the country cottage alternatives you’d find in a remote property.

Even better, modern luxury buildings tend to be fitted with all the modern conveniences to make your homesteading efforts easier than they ever would be in a remote property. This is where the real strength of your efforts lies, so use it. 

Find fast ways to make jams, baked goods, and more that get your homestead on the map and (hopefully) make this a viable lifestyle choice despite your less than remote setting.


  1. The idea of using your interior space is ingenious! This post is perfect for anyone wanting to start a backyard homestead!

    1. Author

      Thanks Julie it is such a great way to still “homestead” in a suburban neighborhood.

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