4 Quick Tips That Help You Avoid Injury When Moving

You must be wondering whether to pick movers in the city or perform this move all by yourself. Let’s say that you decide to do it all on your own. You are a brave individual for sure. But bravery is only going to get you this far. You are going to need a few safety tips that can help you avoid every possible injury when relocating on your own.

The following section talks about such very practical and easy-to-use tips and tricks that are going to speed up your moving process and will make sure that everyone involved in the move is 100% safe. Let’s begin:

Man lifting a box to a mover

Start Working Out At Least 3 Months In Advance

You just have to be stronger. You cannot imagine lifting all your heavy furniture pieces all by yourself without first having developed a few muscles. You will be planning the move in advance in any case.

Ideally, you will also have to rent a vehicle for the final date of the move. There is plenty of time on your hand. You might as well utilize this to get a little bit more into shape so that the amount of stress and lifting that you have to go through does not impact your body in any way.

Always Ask Your Neighbors For Help

This is another useful tip that is going to prevent and avoid injury. Having a few extra hands on your premises to help you move your heavy furniture pieces to your moving truck is always a good idea. Also, this will give you an opportunity to reconnect with your friends and grab a bite or two together before you finally move into your new house.

Man helping to move boxes for neighbor

Invest In The Right Safety Gear To Avoid Injury

When you are moving your heavy furniture pieces from your home to the moving van, a few things that you must invest in are moving blankets, moving straps, Anti Slip Strips for Stairs, trolleys, sliders, and planks. Trolleys, for example, are very useful when you are in the process of moving your expensive furniture items such as pianos and aquariums to your moving truck.

Anti-slip strips are also very useful when you have to maneuver your heavy cargo across staircases. They give you enough friction and stability, especially when you are in the process of loading your heavy office equipment and appliances such as a washing machine and a heavy-duty food processor.

Concentrate On Proper Form To Avoid injury

When lifting heavy furniture pieces, it is very important to focus on your form. Make sure never to use your lower back to lift heavy furniture pieces.

Always make use of your knees and arms to do the majority of the lifting to avoid injury. Do not raise heavy and bulky items above your shoulder level if not absolutely necessary. Always make use of ramps wherever possible and you will be able to avoid knee jerks easily.

Ramp on moving truck

Final Thoughts

When it comes to shifting from your old house to your new property, every tip is going to be valuable. Exercising as much precaution as possible is the only way to avoid injury.

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