How To Avoid Accidents On The Homestead

When tending to your homestead, the last thing you envisage is yourself or someone else getting hurt.   As rewarding as homesteading may be for you and your family, it can become downright dangerous if safety precautions are not taken seriously.

On average, approximately 243 workers across all agricultural fields suffer injuries every day in the USA according to the US Department of Labor. By taking the necessary precautions and adhering to basic safety guidelines such as the following you can engage in effortless safe homesteading.

And that will benefit you and your family for many years to come. Better to learn now how to avoid accidents than after an accident has taken place.

avoid accidents

How To Avoid Accidents On The Homestead

Always read and comply with safety instructions

You can significantly reduce the risk of injury and illness and the subsequent legalities on your homestead. Do this with basic preventative measures which include reading and closely following the instructions of both equipment and chemical products. 

Your new chainsaw that works very differently from your old one can end up causing grave injury if you don’t know how to safely operate it. Learn how tight should a chainsaw chain be. Spend some time reviewing all material safety data sheets and labels. Familiarizing yourself with any terms you may not know.

Ask for assistance if you are unclear about the safe operation of the piece of equipment.  Most reputable manufacturers have customer care call centers in operation that will gladly answer your seemingly trivial questions with a smile. Knowing the safety instructions and complying with them can help you avoid accidents on the homestead.

Be sure to have medical supplies and a first aid kit on-site to treat minor injuries. Click this site for options on medical supplies and kits..

avoid accidents

Never operate equipment when you are tired or unwell

No one is going to dispute the fact that a successful homestead requires hard work and dedication on a daily basis. There are, however, times that you are better off spending a day resting than risk serious injury. 

Feeling lethargic or under the weather can severely impact your judgment and ability to operate the equipment. Even the slightest change in your reaction time can cause a chainsaw blade to touch you or for your hand to slip into the chipper.  

If you are on medication, ensure that it does not carry a warning to avoid driving or operating heavy equipment.  If for some reason you don’t feel your usual self, take the day off from homesteading. Encourage your family and other workers to do the same. This way you can avoid accidents that may be caused by fatigue and sickness.

avoid accidents

Dress appropriately when operating equipment

Wearing the correct clothing while operating equipment on your farm is of extreme importance. Anything from a necktie to an untied shoelace and flowing skirt can cause horrendous injury when it gets caught in a piece of farming equipment.

A piece of clothing caught in a wood chipper, table saw or harvester can result in a disaster. This is why it is so important to wear the correct attire. Shoes with a reinforced tip are a must for anyone performing farm work.

Safety goggles and hard hats can protect against and help avoid accidents when performing certain tasks. These tasks include trimming trees or operating equipment that emits debris.

avoid accidents

Safety is of paramount importance whether you are at work on a giant construction site or your own homestead. By following the above guidelines you will ensure the safety of everyone on your property.

You will also guarantee that your homestead remains well-maintained and cared for at all times. And you will avoid any possible lawsuits pertaining to illness and injury.

Precautions can be taken to avoid accidents on the homestead.

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