A ferocious snowstorm is taking over the Midwest and leave piles of snow everywhere in its path. The near-blizzard conditions have canceled several thousand flights in a region that stretches from Chicago to Kansas. Some areas around Chicago registered over a foot of snow and the National Weather Service hasContinue Reading

gift of self care

Shopping for gifts is nothing less than frustrating and overwhelming. The recipient, whoever they may be, already has everything or doesn’t want anything. Not to mention the pressure of giving something original, thoughtful, and affordable. You probably have a headache just reading that last sentence. That’s what this post is for. We’veContinue Reading

low-water Zen garden

Having a house with a backyard is amazing. But it doesn’t make much sense unless you really make the most of this outdoor area. Turning it into a low-water Zen garden is one of the best ideas in the world. It is something that will help you take your comfortContinue Reading

energy-saving kitchen

Kitchens are most commonly the biggest energy wasters in any home. The reason is that they are filled with numerous appliances of varying energy-efficiency. Some of which work pretty much non-stop. The other reason is our behavior. While making sure that our kitchens are equipped with high-quality, energy-efficient appliances is definitelyContinue Reading

When the time comes that you feel ready to go all in and buy your perfect homestead, you need to think carefully about the decision. After all, several elements combine to make up a successful home farm. Without them, you could be making things a lot harder than they needContinue Reading

preserve properly

Preserving food has long been a way to ensure that you stay well-fed throughout the winter months. We might all simply go to the supermarket these days to stock up on foods grown around the world. But when you own a homestead, being able to eat your produce year-round isContinue Reading