Homesteading Alone the Pros and Cons

Most homesteaders have help in their homesteading journey. They have spouses, children and maybe even other relatives and friends who help along the way. Homesteading alone is much different. Being alone means taking on everything by yourself, with next to no help.   Homesteading alone means you need to figureContinue Reading

Raising Pigs on the Homestead

If you are thinking about raising pigs on your homestead you should learn everything you can before you purchase them. Pigs running amuck because they broke out of a pen and eating your entire vegetable garden is not the time to learn about what pigs need and want. Being well-preparedContinue Reading

compost pile

Many people are using a compost pile these days. The biggest question most people have when they start to compost is “What can I add to my compost pile?” This list shows many items that can be safely composted in your compost bin or pile. Not everything on these lists is for everybody, soContinue Reading