Dogs outside of a doggy daycare

Did you know that there are over 90.5 million households in the United States that own a pet? With such a large number of pet owners, it’s no wonder that pet daycare services have become increasingly popular. If you’re an animal lover and have been considering starting your own pet daycare, thisContinue Reading

Dog with sunglasses

Anyone that owns a dog knows deep down that they’re family.They are adorable, help keep a home safe from intruders, and are always sure to show their love and adoration for their owner. But owning a dog isn’t all fun and games; taking care of a dog is a lotContinue Reading

Expenses, money and a calculator

Creating a home maintenance budget is frightening if you anticipate buying a home. Most people get carried away with having a new home without considering the maintenance. You may fantasize about getting the keys and moving into a place you can call your own if you have been planning towardContinue Reading

5 Popular dog breeds

When it comes to choosing a furry companion, it’s no surprise that certain dog breeds have captured the hearts of Americans. These breeds have gained immense popularity and have become staples in households across the country.  In this article, we will delve into the five most popular dog breeds inContinue Reading