Diverse Wildlife: 3 Tips To Attract It To Your Yard

If you are searching for ways to attract diverse wildlife species onto your land, you have come to the right place. Every landowner wants to make their homestead as inhabitable as possible for local flora and fauna. But it can be difficult to find the right information. Especially about how to actually achieve such rich biodiversity.

In this post you will find professional tips and tricks for attracting diverse wildlife species to your homestead!

How To Attract Diverse Wildlife

Birds at a feeder

Plant wildflowers

Wildflowers are back, baby – and you need to join the party! Around the world, ecologists are advising local governments and landowners to plant more wildflowers on verges and in fields. Why? Because wildflowers, in all their diversity, attract a huge range of diverse wildlife that are crucial to our ecosystem.

The star of the show in this case is, of course, bees. Bees love wildflowers. Seeing as their numbers are declining rapidly, this is the perfect way to help them to thrive! 

Planting wildflowers on your land is super easy and cost-effective, too. You can find wildflower seeds in most home and garden stores.

Invest in “houses” for more elusive wildlife species

Certain diverse wildlife species whom you may want to attract, are a little bit harder to bring in without specialist help. 

Birds, in particular, are an important part of your homestead’s ecosystem; they are predators who can keep your populations of field mice and insects down. Birds of prey such as owls can be difficult to attract. But nowadays you can purchase owl houses that give them a place to nest.

When it comes to attracting owls, you need to be patient. Owls can take years to settle into the home you provide for them. But when they arrive, you’ll have a beautiful little family of birds living on your land. They will contribute positively to the ecosystem you are building.

Have a pond dug into your land

Ponds are a cost-effective, beautiful, and eco-friendly way to bring aquatic life into your homestead. If you want to attract diverse wildlife that exists near your land, having a pond dug in a secluded area with some tree cover is perfect.

Ponds can attract:

  • Frogs
  • Birds, especially species that feed on insects
  • Even turtles and other reptiles, depending on where you live!

Plus, a pond is a scenic, serene addition to your land that will make it look gorgeous. Especially if you landscape your pond with rocks and plants surrounding it, you will have a gorgeous addition to your land that everyone will love. Just be sure to consider algae control to keep the pond healthy.

Got pests?

If you have, by accident, attracted the wrong kind of animals – such as rats, mice, or infestations of insects – to your home, you might need to call a pest control service. If these critters are left to their own devices, you could wind up with a huge infestation. That could devastate your land or home.

Every landowner wants to make their homestead as inhabitable as possible to attract diverse wildlife, but it can be difficult to find the right information about how to actually achieve such rich biodiversity.

Final Thoughts on Attracting Diverse Wildlife

If you want your homestead to be home to diverse wildlife, why not use this guide to help you achieve that dream? Use the tips above to get started. Watch how many new creatures arrive!

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