The Art of Feng Shui: Creating Positive Energy in Your Condo Interior

Are you interested in the art of Feng Shui?

Chinese have always had a broader perspective on the idea of real-time and space, especially with the values of Confucianism and Buddhism passing down the generations. Furthermore, both religions have ushered in the need for positive energy to lead a prosperous life. 

Therefore, the process begins at home, where you need to follow certain things that will make your house bright and vibrant. More so, it will make your house a happy place to stay. Hence, they named the interior design the art of Feng Shui. 

This type of interior style is followed across the whole of Asia, where people practice this art form to bring positive energy into their homes. So, in the present article, we will learn about the art of Feng Shui for your interior style and how you can follow it for your house. 

Tips To Follow Feng Shui Style 

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese tradition that showcases ways to manage the house’s interiors to harbor positive energy in the place. This will give people a high living standard and greater mental stability to lead a prosperous life. 

Here are a few tips you can follow to make your abode a touch of tradition and a center of positive energy – 

Feng Shui designed living room

Clear The Space In the Room 

One of the very things that you must follow is to clear the space in the room. This means you need to remove all the unnecessary things from the room. Mostly, it is because a wider area allows the air to circulate in the room properly. 

Furthermore, when your guests visit your home, they can have a positive impression of your house. Moreover, with clear space, you can keep your room tidy and healthy to breathe and live properly. 

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Keep Your Windows Open For 9 Minutes 

Another thing you need to do daily is to ensure that you keep the windows open for 9 minutes. This is because the number 9 in the Chinese tradition is auspicious. 

Furthermore, keeping the windows open for 9 minutes allows the fresh air sunlight to enter the home. Therefore, it kills all the negative energy that is present in the room – thus, it gives a brilliant atmosphere for you to live properly. 

Also, positive energy brings good things and omens, which are necessary for any humble abode to sustain and offer better security to people. 

Open windows

Indoor Plants 

Plants can change the house’s mood by taking all the negative energy in the room. Therefore, the next tip to have a feng shui-style home will be to have indoor plants. 

They are crucial to make the house more lively and transpire pure air throughout the house – thus allowing you to sleep and breathe pure air. Therefore, you should look to buy some indoor plants to make your rooms more lively and beautiful. 

Moreover, indoor plants are perfect to increase the aesthetics of the room. Hence, adding plants lets you sort out your health and the room’s aesthetics.

Feng shui designed bedroom with plants

Arrange Your Living Space 

Five elements in the art of Feng Shui interior designs seek to bring nature to your home – thus helping you to live closely with mother nature. Here are the five elements whose presence is key for a humble and traditional Chinese abode – 

  • Water
  • Earth 
  • Metal 
  • Fire 
  • Wood

Consequently, all these elements represent nature. Therefore, you should arrange the living space in such a way that it has all the elements. It can be brown for the floor, which is the earth, and water stands for blue colors, which can be your sofa color. 

Furthermore, use white color metal, which can be done in the form of tables. Moreover, add some boxes of yellow color, which will make the place more vibrant and look beautiful in the eyes. 

Finish It With Some Art Works 

In conclusion, we will suggest you add some artwork, which will absolutely elevate the quality of the room and its representation of the outer world. You can hang your own painting on the wall. 

Otherwise, you can buy some artwork and then arrange it in your home. This will bring positive energy and make your abode more beautiful and healthy.

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