Creative Tips To Flaunt Your Art Collection

The art collection is not a hobby for collectors, but a way of life as they want to live with their pieces. But showing off expensive artwork on your home walls requires some planning and preparation.

You cannot just hang them like random photographs and wall art because they are far more valuable. Moreover, they have immense sentimental value for owners.

Although showcasing the work of your favorite artists and photographers takes some work, the effort is worthwhile because it enhances your living space décor. Let us share some creative tips to flaunt your art collection at your home. 

Art collection on the floor

Consider your existing décor

You must consider your existing décor before bringing your precious art pieces to the wall. After all, it should be classy enough to make a place for sophisticated works in your collection.

You may even get a complete makeover for your interiors before displaying your pieces because they have to fit in to look good. Consider it a chance to redo your home according to your luxe taste.

Choose the right wall

Making your art pieces stand out is about putting them up in the right place. Choosing the right wall is the key. Your living room is the best place to flaunt your belongings, but you must steer clear of the idea of creating a gallery wall.

A single piece on a wall is likely to be more impressive because it gets undivided attention. You may create a gallery room if you are serious about expanding your collection down the road.

2 prints on the wall

Bring versatility to your collection

Collectors often stick with specific art genres, but diversification tends to happen at some point. Bringing versatility to your collection is an excellent idea if you want to flaunt it at home. You have a good reason to expand and diversify it.

Opt for traditional and modern mediums, and pick leading names like danny lyon photographer to build a flaunt-worthy collection. The more variety you add, the more you want to show it off. You can research online to pick the best.

Check the lighting

While good lighting is essential to accentuate the art pieces, ensure it does not ruin them. Experts recommend glazing your paintings and photographs with UV-protective glass.

Also, keep the delicate pieces away from natural light as it can cause fading of colors. Optimal interior lighting is needed to highlight the details of artwork from different angles, but it should not be harsh. 

Prints on bright white wall

Ensure safety

Besides protecting your collection from harsh lighting, you must ensure safety from theft. After all, the artwork is often high in value, making it an attractive target for thieves and burglars.

Setting up alarm systems and surveillance cameras at your home is a wise idea if you plan to display your collection. Also, prioritize safety during transport and handling to preserve the value of your collection over the years.

Art collectors love their precious artwork, and they may want to flaunt it at their homes. Follow these easy tips to display your collection on your home walls. 

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