What Are 5 of the Most Popular Architectural Floor Plan Styles?

You might not think very often about why architectural floor plans matter. They make more of a difference in your home than you may realize, though. Your floor plan dictates how the entire flow of your house feels while you are living there and when you’re entertaining.

You can look at David Weekley floor plans to get some ideas for ones you might set up in your home. We’ll also take a moment right now to talk about some of the most popular options you might find in modern homes these days.

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The European Style

European-style floor plans usually borrow from Spain, England, and France. If you’re talking about the Mediterranean or Spanish style, that usually means spacious interiors and open, airy spaces.

The French style is more formal and usually incorporates interlocking stones. The English style has wood exteriors, stone, and often warm stucco as well.

The Contemporary Modern Floor Plan

There’s some contention in architectural circles regarding what “contemporary modern” means. Usually, you’re looking at wood or stone facades. You can expect a flat-style roof or sometimes a single-pitched one.

You may see large overhangs and split-level homes as a part of this tradition as well. You’ll usually see a lot of glass, with floor-to-ceiling windows and many skylights, particularly in the kitchens and bathrooms.

Contemporary floor plan

The Traditional Floor Plan

Architectural floor plans that bear the title of “traditional” usually involve front-facing gables and steeper roofs. You might see clapboard outside, but stucco and brick are just as popular.

You may see lofts inside or high ceilings where lofts aren’t possible. These homes are usually trying for a grand appearance, so the more space, the better.

Ranch-Style Homes

The dominating feature of ranch-style homes is that they’re longer and laid out, with all of the bedrooms and other living spaces on the same level. These homes lack stairs, so they’re often better for older adults who don’t like climbing up and down so much if they have reduced mobility.

You’ll often see all the bedrooms on one side of the ranch-style house. The master bedroom is on the main floor, but it’s usually sectioned off from the other guest rooms.

Though the ranch-style home has only one level, they usually have basements. You can use the basement for storage space, and you may have a washer and dryer down there as well.

Ranch style floor plan

The Colonial-Style Floor Plan

The colonial-style floor plan is thought by some to be outdated, but some modern families and individuals love it. You usually have a rectangular-style house with two floors or sometimes three.

You may see wood-lap siding on the outside that’s very quaint and picturesque. These homes often have chimneys on both ends, which could be functional or ornamental.

A barn-style or gambrel roof completes the look. These homes usually have spacious front porches and gables that attract the eye. This style has excellent curb appeal if a time ever comes when you want to sell it.

Think about what style sounds best to you.

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