5 Reasons Applied Felts Is Best Choice For CIPP Manufacturer

The Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) technique is an innovation that has gained traction in the plumbing and gas industry. It’s a pipe repair technique that doesn’t require digging and replacing the damaged pipe. You’ll repair the pipe from its position without compromising the quality of the process. 

However, the longevity of this solution depends on the provider you adopt for your CIPP lining and the CIPP liner you adopt. You must source the liner from a reputable company. Since CIPP lining is a fairly new innovation, few manufacturers are in the business. 

Applied Felts is one of the CIPP manufacturers and should be among your top choice. Why? Read on to find out why it’s the best choice for your CIPP manufacturer:

Here’s why:

Leaking water lines

They Offer Quality Products

You rely on your plumbing system to transport water from one place to another, whether good or wastewater. Should this system fail, you can barely meet the water needs in your space. You can only achieve efficient services if you’ve used quality materials to make them. 

Therefore, should your plumbing or gas pipe leak, you can rely on Applied Felts-CIPP manufacturer to produce quality lining for CIPP repair. The quality of their CIPP liner stems from the fact that this company uses the latest innovations in the industry during manufacturing.

These innovations ensure accurate manufacturing, avoiding errors that could interfere with your pipe use. If the liner is of a given thickness, it’ll achieve this easily, giving you a quality product you can rely on. 

Applied Felts might require raw materials from third parties during the manufacturing process. They’ll source these materials from reputable suppliers to avoid interfering with the quality of their final product, the CIPP liner.

They Have A Global Presence

As a client, you might wonder how to get CIPP services due to your location. If there’s no CIPP manufacturer near you, you might opt for the dig and repair method for your piping issues. 

Applied Felts minimizes, if not eliminates, the need to settle for the available option, even if it’s not your preferred solution. This company has branches in the UK, USA, and India. With such wide coverage, you can easily seek their services, and they’ll deliver despite your geographical location. As the client, they’ll provide you with convenience, eliminating any worry on your side.

They Provide Custom Solutions

Piping issues tend to differ depending on the system that has issues. It could be your kitchen gas pipe, sewer, sanitary, or storm drainage pipe. In most cases, you’ll need different CIPP liners for each function, especially regarding size and material. 

Here, the diameter of your damaged pipe is the size to focus on. If it’s wide, you’ll need a wide liner and the reverse for a small diameter. Applied Felts will manufacture the diameter you require for your needs. 

Different liner materials work differently under various conditions. For instance, polyester resin is ideal for storm and sewer systems, with epoxy resin performing best in residential premises. Should you need either of the two or any other available material, the CIPP manufacturer will supply it accordingly. 

Such services make Applied Felts your one-stop shop for all your CIPP needs. 

Storm system pipe

They Have A Team Of Experts

When purchasing a product, you tend to hope that experts manufactured it. It’s one of the ways that assure you of long-lasting products. 

Applied Felts has an expert team that manufactures the CIPP lining and handles all operations. Therefore, they’ll produce the lining from the point of know-how, eliminating possible errors. 

Besides manufacturing, this team is of great help to you as the client. Their extensive knowledge of the subject will enable them to assist you with the installation process or any other questions you might have regarding CIPP and your plumbing system. This team of experts will relay quality information. 

They Are Experienced

Experience comes in handy with service provision. It more or less proves the provider has mastered the skills to offer their services. In this case, you hope your chosen CIPP manufacturer has the knowledge to manufacture a product that fully meets your piping needs. 

With Applied Felts, you don’t have to worry about their experience. This company has served for nearly 40 years and finished millions of successful pipe repair projects with the CIPP liner. Therefore, you’re more or less assured they’ll also successfully meet your needs. 


Finding the right company to source your products is a process you shouldn’t take lightly. You must find a reliable provider who’ll meet your needs. This way, you’ll get value for your money due to the quality products you’ll receive that’ll last for years. 

The discussion above has highlighted Applied Felts, a CIPP manufacturer, and discussed reasons you should choose it for your CIPP lining needs. With all this insight, the decision is yours on whether to make that phone call or send an email. Be sure to make the right choice.

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