Appeasing The Teenager In Your Home

Teenagers are probably a harder creature to negotiate with than a shark: and sharks don’t even speak the same language that we do! However, if there’s one thing that every single teenager across the land has in common, it’s the fact that they want to have a place to go and be alone. We’ve all been that angsty teenager, seeking solace in the quiet so that we can brood on life, hormones and all the fun things that come with being on the brink of adulthood. It makes sense that we would want to give our teenagers the space that they need to feel calm and collect themselves, a sanctuary to escape to if you will.



Appeasing the Teenager in Your Home



Trying to create that sanctuary is the hard part, especially if you are living in a rather small house. The main options if you don’t have a spare room to do over are:


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Each of these options is costly but necessary to give your teenager the space that they need to discover who they are. So, you’ve managed to find a space for your teen to relax in, the next part is deciding what to put in it. Of course, you’ll need to get as much input as possible from your teenager about what they would want. But in the main here are the things you could consider:

  • Start with looking at color schemes and this is where you will need your teenager’s opinion. Once the walls are painted, think about rugs and curtains. You want it to be dark if they want it to be and you need it to be comfortable. They want a safe space.
  • Once you’ve sorted the décor, head over to browse  and pick out giant bean bags for lounging on. These are brilliant for social relaxing with friends and even to lie on to do coursework or play games online with their friends.
  • Consider adding a refrigerator in the room your teenager likes to escape. I know that many parents out there will shake their heads, believing that their teenager will never leave their room if that happens. The thing is, you want them to WANT to come out of their hiding place. A refrigerator is a good place for their drinks and snacks. Especially if they’re cramming for a test or hosting a sleepover.
  • Allow them to move their tech from the communal areas of the house to their new space. Teenagers like privacy and as a parent, it’s up to you to let them figure things out for themselves. It’s no fun doing homework or essays in the same room where all the other family noise is happening. Create a desk space and a unit with all their tech and charging wires threaded; they’ll thank you for it.


It isn't easy to appease a teenager but there are some great suggestions to help.



Among all this new furniture and décor that you are putting together, always get their input. Establish rules about not staying hidden forever. It should be a safe retreat when things get stressful, not a hibernation spot. Have fun!


Do you have any suggestions for making a teenagers room more inviting and comfortable?


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