How to Create an Amazing Homestead Garden

If you want to become more independent and eco-friendly, creating an amazing homestead garden is a great first step. But, if you live in an urban environment, organizing a project like that is not an easy task. So, here are a few tips on how to create an amazing homestead garden that will get you off the ground.


How to Create an Amazing Homestead Garden


amazing homestead garden

Start small  

It’s really easy to get carried away and plant all sorts of trees, veggies, fruits, and herbs. However, maintaining a garden like that requires plenty of hard work and careful planning that can make any beginner feel overwhelmed. So, instead, start small with only a few plants. This will give you time to introduce gardening into your life, learn about gardening and watch as your space changes and grows. Before you know it you will have an amazing homestead garden.


Keep your wishes in mind

Create a wish list of things you want to have in your garden. Think of the foods you like to eat, the colors you like and aromas you find delightful. Once you have these must-have features on paper, you can create an easy design and shopping list that will make your wishes a reality. By having the plants and foods you enjoy coupled with the right aromas, you’ll have an amazing homestead garden that you enjoy spending time in.


Prep your gardenamazing homestead garden

Prepping your space for planning is a crucial step toward a beautiful and functional garden. The area needs to be clear and free of all weeds and elements that do nothing for your garden but take up precious space. Grab some tools and start clearing out space. Another thing you need to do is provide your garden with plenty of water for irrigation. This is especially true if you live in hot climates like Australia.

Keep your water closeby by locating them near faucets or rain harvesting systems. Once you prep your garden, get rid of the rubbish. There are experts in rubbish removal in Sydney who can take care of your organic and non-organic waste. They will take everything off of your hands and leave you with a perfectly prepped area ready for fertilizing and planting. No debris laying around makes for an amazing homestead garden view!


Go big with trees

A few fruit trees will not only provide you with some delicious fruits but also add depth and height to your garden. This is also a great solution for providing some shade for your living room, kitchen or patio. Apples and pears are a great choice since they can provide you with fresh fruit but also give you enough goods for preserves, jams, and pies. 


amazing homestead garden

Plant things you actually use in cooking

It’s very handy to have a couple of plants of all varieties to use in cooking. This will save you both money and time on shopping and allow you to always have fresh and organic cooking ingredients. A few cucumbers and tomatoes and some cabbages and lettuces will always find their use in the kitchen and never go to waste. An what is an amazing homestead garden without some fresh herbs growing for the picking!


Use herbs as décor

If you have very limited space in your garden, don’t waste it on flowers. Instead, plant an herb garden with flowering varieties. For instance, lavender and mustard are very easy to grow, they look amazing when in bloom and have many practical uses. Lavender smells amazing and repels insects while mustard seeds can go into your homemade pickles. These are the aromas that make for an amazing homestead garden we talked of previously.


Create a composting pileamazing homestead garden

In order to reduce your waste and boost plant growth and health, it’s a great idea to create a composting pile. If you have farm animals in your field or farm, you will always have rich fertilizer. But if you live in an urban environment, that’s not so practical. Instead, create a compost pile with leftover food, veggies and fruit and “brown” waste like wood chips, leaves, and even newspaper.


Connect with like-minded people

It’s always great to have reliable sources of information and what better way to do so than to turn to like-minded people. Seek out fellow homestead gardeners and see what works for them. Ask them what steps they chose in designing their amazing homestead gardens and take notes! Later on, you can also share resources and the fruits of your labor.


If you’re a beginner gardener, designing an amazing homestead garden can be tricky. However, if you start small, learn along the way and follow these aforementioned tips, you’ll have a great start!



Designing an awesome homestead garden is simple when you follow these simple tips and tricks.


  1. Thanks for the information. Good way to start a productive garden. Found it on the hop!

    1. Thanks for coming by and reading the post!

  2. Some solid advice, there Copper:)
    March has arrived, and that means a thawing even for us up in New Hampshire. With the thaw we’re expecting mud, mud and even more mud… but with our raised beds, we can still get out, lay down the black landscaping cloth to warm the beds and get to work.
    Cheers for a great article!

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