4 Steps in Cleaning Your Air Vents

You just moved into your new house, and it seems that the air vents require proper cleaning. You can encourage yourself to get it done yourself, or you can also have the choice of hiring a professional to do it for you. Either way, cleaning it should be on your list of top priorities in moving in.

Cleaning your air vent is vital in keeping your house in tip-top shape. If you plan on getting professionals to clean your dryer vent, some professionals specialize in Dryer Vent Cleaning that you can check out.

If you plan to do it yourself, you will need some equipment and materials to get you started and allow at least 2 to 6 hours to clean the air vents in your house.

air vent

The equipment that you’ll need to get you started are:

  • Heavy Duty Vacuum
  • Screwdriver
  • Broom
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Dust Mask
  • Stool or Ladder

These can be easily bought from your local hardware store if you do not have any of them. Below are the four steps in cleaning your air vent.

Turn Off The Power

Before removing anything connected to the air vent, you should first turn off the power connected to the heating and air conditioning system. Doing so prevents you from electrocuting yourself from the dust in the air vent since dust can carry static electricity. 

Unscrew The Air Vent Cover or Air Vent Grill

After you have turned off the power, you may now unscrew the cover or grill of the air vent. Once you remove the lid, thoroughly clean the dust between the grates using the cleaning brush. If the dust is thick, you may use soap and water to clean off the gunk and make it extra clean.

removing the vent cover

Vacuum The Ducts

Once you have finished cleaning the dust off the air vent cover, you can now focus on vacuuming the air ducts using a heavy-duty vacuum. If you have a regular household vacuum, it is not ideal to use it because it is not strong enough to clean out the dust and gunk in the air duct.

Getting a heavy-duty vacuum might be out of your budget, but some professionals rent out their own. Ensure that the heavy-duty vacuum you get has a long hose that can reach deep into the air ducts. This is important because there might be molds and mildew that have formed in your air ducts.

vacuuming the vents

Clean The Grills On The Ceiling

In this next step, consider wearing a dust mask since you will be cleaning the dust from the ceiling which may fall on you. Grab a stool or a ladder to let you have a reaching height from the vent grills placed on the roof. Use a screwdriver to remove the air vent cover and brush, soap, and water to clean the air vent cover.

If you cannot reach them, you may use a broom to dust off the grills.

So there you have it. Here are some basic steps you may follow in cleaning the air vents in your house.

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