Where To Find Affordable Land For Homesteading

For a lot of homesteaders, one of the main reasons for taking on this sort of lifestyle revolves around the money which can be saved, especially when looking for affordable land. Instead of working hard for someone else, you can do things for yourself. Then you can reap a much larger portion of the rewards.  And while also controlling aspects like your environmental impact. Of course, though, with the current cost of land, it isn’t always cheap to get started with something like this. To help you out, this post will be exploring some of the places in the US where you can find affordable land for homesteading.

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Where To Find Affordable Land For Homesteading

New Mexico

New Mexico has long been the very easiest place throughout the USA to find affordable land. At around $510 per acre in a lot of areas, this is several times cheaper than land found elsewhere in the States. Growing things in a warm climate like this should be nice and easy. Of course, as part of the reason that land is cheap here, New Mexico suffers from fairly high crime rates. A lot of this nastiness targets farmers, and this makes it hard to live safely without a little bit of protection.


Maintaining much of the same affordability, while also being much safer, a place like Wyoming is the next on this list. It will only cost you around $660 per acre in this part of the country. This makes it an affordable land option. This offers the chance to access fertile lands. And it offers a climate which makes it possible to grow almost anything you’d possibly want. Living in a place like Cody, WY is a great chance to find yourself surrounded by other people with similar lifestyles. This can make it much easier to join local communities without feeling like an outcast from the beginning.


Sitting just North of Wyoming, Montana is another great pick for those trying to find affordable land when starting their homestead. This state is filled with mountains, lakes, and wooded areas. And a lot of new farmland is being developed all the time. Costing a little more than the states above, at about $890 per acre, it is still great value for money in an area like this. Over a third of Montana’s income comes from farming. That shows that it will have what it takes to keep your family properly fed.


It’s time to look at a slightly more expensive option, now. Moving away from the West and into the South, Texas is one of the largest states in the US. It is comprised largely of barren land. It may come as a surprise that farming spaces can cost as much as $1940 per acre. But this money will be worth it if you decide to spend it here. Homesteaders can take advantage of huge communities of other growers. They are all working hard to put food on their tables. And they are taking advantage of the warm climate to grow more exotic produce. This is another option to find affordable land for homesteading.


It would be wrong to look at good states to purchase farmland in without looking at Oregon. This part of the country is responsible for producing more crops than anywhere else. The common plants range from things like apples and pears to hazelnuts. The climate isn’t too hot, but it also isn’t too cold. This makes it superb for growing small amounts of food. With its success in this field, it’s no wonder that farmland in Oregon can set you back over $2120 per acre. This makes it the priciest on this list so far. Keep it in mind when you find affordable land though.


Finally, as the last State to consider, it’s time to think about Mississippi. While this state produces less plant produce than some parts of the US, it is very well known for its ability to sustain large amounts of livestock. If you plan to have animals on your homestead, this is always worth considering, as it could make your life much cheaper as you go into the future. The land will cost upwards of $2420 but will give you access to some of the prettier landscapes found on this list.

Final Thoughts on Finding Affordable Land

The price of farmland in the USA varies hugely from state to state. Rhode Island and New Jersey demand the highest prices. There, land comes it at over $13000 per acre in each. The cheaper options are all covered by this list. As shown by the states in the post, though, the money you spend on land like this may not reflect its quality. Instead, places are more expensive when demand for housing, space for other businesses, and even large businesses goes up. So do a little homework and you can surely find affordable land for your homestead.

The price of farmland in the USA varies hugely from state to state. The money you spend on land like this may not reflect its quality.

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