Leverage OOH Advertising in Ohio’s Most Populous City

If you’re looking to start advertising to people in the Midwest, you’ll definitely want to focus on creating a marketing presence in Columbus, Ohio. Columbus is Ohio’s state capital. It has a population of approximately 902,000 people. Columbus is also Ohio’s most populous city, and the second most populous city in the Midwest, after Chicago.

Columbus is also a bustling metropolis home to many art, culture, and sports attractions. Both locals and visitors flock to year round. As such, Columbus billboards are a fantastic way to expand your
business’ presence in the city as well as boost your brand recognition in the Midwest overall. 

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Billboards: An Essential Marketing Tool

When advertising your business, billboards are an incredibly useful form of out-of-home advertising. You can incorporate into your company’s marketing plan. Billboards are large, static images that advertise your brand with bold graphics and visuals.

They’re typically printed on paper or vinyl and applied to large billboard structures. Billboards are common in many busy urban cities like Columbus. They can help to get your brand noticed by a wide array of individuals who may pass by your billboards. Especially while commuting into the city or the surrounding area.

In addition to billboards within the city itself, it can also be useful to invest in billboard space. This is alongside popular highway routes, like Columbus’ Interstate 270. These provide access in and out of the Columbus metropolitan area to nearby suburbs.

By advertising your business on Columbus billboards along frequently traveled highways, you ensure that you will have plenty of eyes on your brand. Especially as drivers pass by on their way to and from Columbus.

Given their high level of visibility, Columbus billboards are a key tool for anyone hoping to boost the success of their business’ marketing. 


The Best Places to Advertise in Columbus, Ohio

As mentioned above, Columbus has a variety of well-traveled highways that are prime locations for billboard advertising. There are a number of attractions within the Columbus metropolitan area. These are worthy to consider renting billboard advertising space by. Some of the most popular Columbus attractions include: 

Ohio State University

Columbus is home to Ohio State University, one of the highest ranking public universities in the United States. The school also boasts the third largest population of undergraduate students for a public university in the country. It has approximately 50,000 undergraduate students and 15,000 graduate students as of the 2022 school year.

Given the sheer amount of students attending Ohio State University from all around the globe, it’s a prime location to secure Columbus billboards for advertising. Additionally, Ohio State University is home to Ohio Stadium. It is a large sports venue where the Ohio State Buckeyes, a top ranking Big Ten football team, play most of their games.

People from all around the country visit Ohio Stadium to see their favorite teams face off against the Buckeyes. This makes it the perfect place to put up billboard advertisements that can reach an even wider audience. 

ohio state university

John Glenn Columbus International Airport

The John Glenn Columbus International Airport is one of Ohio’s most popular airports. It’s a great idea to look into Columbus billboard real estate near the airport. You can market your business to travelers visiting the city from all around the world. 

John Glenn Columbus International Airport

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has a worldwide reputation as one of the best in the United States. That makes it an incredibly popular family friendly attraction in the city for locals and tourists alike.

The zoo is visited by guests year round. It’s an ideal location to search for Columbus billboards to advertise on nearby. 

Columbus Zoo

What’s the Average Cost of Columbus Billboards?

The cost of Columbus billboards for a typical four week long campaign can range from as low as approximately $105 up to $1,025 for more coveted billboard real estate. In comparison to some more expensive cities to advertise in like Los Angeles and New York, Columbus billboards are relatively affordable. They can help your business get recognized by a significant metropolitan population for a reasonable price point. 

New York billboards

In Conclusion 

Columbus, Ohio is one of the most highly populated cities in the MIdwest. This makes it a prime location for out-of-home advertising.

When planning your company’s marketing campaign, consider Columbus billboards. They are a great way to reach a significant consumer base in the Midwest. Columbus boasts many popular landmarks, transportation hubs, and attractions like Ohio State University and Ohio Stadium, the John Glenn Columbus International Airport, and the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. All of them are heavily frequented by local residents and tourists alike throughout the year.

Given this, by advertising your business with Columbus billboards, you’re bound to get your brand noticed by a wide array of people. They just might become potential customers. If you’re looking to grow your business’ following within the Midwest and beyond, Columbus billboards are one of the best forms of marketing available.

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