Adding Curb Appeal To A Flat Front House: 8 Ideas

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Many houses are beautiful on the inside, but look less appealing outside, due to their flat front. Having a flat-fronted house means that as you view it from the curbside, it appears almost one-dimensional. Without depth, texture, and definition, your curb appeal will be lacking. This article aims to give you eight ways to improve your flat front house by adding curb appeal.

We spoke to a representative from Sheldon Bosley Knight and they said, “There are many simple ideas for adding curb appeal to your home, and it doesn’t matter if you have a fairly basic home like most people do.

For starters, you can create dimensions with color, other textures, and even accessories. Paint the front door with a bold color so that attention is drawn to it. Without anything to draw attention to the front door.

The garage door takes all the attention and leaves the front door looking like an afterthought, which is not nice at all. Colors that draw the eye to the front door include Benjamin Moore Moroccan red, Valspar sassy green, and Sherwin Williams lemon twist, etc.”

Adding Curb Appeal

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Get An Awning

One of the best ways to create depth and add more interest to your flat fronted house is to get an awning. The reason these are so great is that they instantly make the front of your house no longer flat.

It creates depth and also gives you a covered porch area too. You can find local companies to provide awnings in Chicago in a variety of different styles. It is possible to get a retractable one too if you would like the option of putting it away for any reason.

Getting an awning on the front of your house is a great way of adding curb appeal to your flat front home.

Paint Your Front Door

If you would rather not attach anything additional to your home, a really simple improvement is to paint your front door a bold color. The contrast in color from your front door to the exterior of your house will create a sense of depth and interest which will become an instant improvement.

The color does not have to be too crazy either, even a mild shade different will help a bit. Repainting your door to create some contrast is a great way of adding curb appeal.

Create Some Symmetry When Adding Curb Appeal

Symmetry is very pleasing to the eye and adding more of it to the front of your house will look great. A nice option is adding decorative shutters that fold out on each side of the windows.

These will frame the windows with more texture and if you choose a nice color they will also break up the flat front of your home. You can also create some symmetry in your front garden if you have one.

Getting some large planters and placing them equal distances apart can create a sense of depth leading up to your home. This can distract from the flatness of your home and improve curb appeal.

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Replace Your Garage Door

Similarly to painting your front door, replacing your garage door can help with curb appeal. There are many different options for replacing garage doors and they are very worthwhile investments.

Not only will the functionality be great but also you can get one that is aesthetically superior too. This works in the same way as a different colored front door.

It’s a change of texture or color that breaks up the flat-fronted house. Investing in a replacement garage door is a quick and easy win. It will help increase the curb appeal of your home. Contrasting Colours

Building contrast in the exterior of your home will help to improve curb appeal. As you can tell from the previous paragraphs, contrast is the key to breaking up a large flat space.

You can add these colors directly to your exterior wall by adding trimming to your windows and doors. Or, maybe you could alternately grow ivy up one part of the front of the house. This will create a green layer of contrast.

Also, you can also grow interesting things in your garden to create color contrasts in front of the house. Although this will not work in winter so well, it is still a great option. Using contrasting colors to improve the curb appeal of your home is a simple and effective method.

Landscape Your Front Garden

If you are fortunate enough to have a front garden, you should be using it to its full potential. If you have a hedge, get it landscaped into an interesting shape. This will create an eye-catching feature that will distract from the flatness of your house.

Try to be creative and let it run a little wild. Given then the front of the house is completely flat, you can afford to have a bit more craziness in the front garden. Landscaping your front garden will really increase the curb appeal of your home.

You can add even more curb appeal by having an electrician like the ones at Santella Electric install some great landscape lighting.

front garden

Build Out

Along the same lines as getting an awning, having a separate structure built in front of your house is a good option. This will of course create depth and can be a thing of beauty too if constructed well.

Adding a little structure outside of your home will really help with the depth in interest created out the front of your house. Building out onto the front of your house is a great way to create interest in your flat fronted home.


Lastly, if you want to improve the curb appeal of your home you have to accessorize. There are many different ways you can do this. One of the most popular is to incorporate some interesting light fittings.

These can go on the exterior of your house directly, or be standalone items along your porch. These are nice to look at, but they create nice depth through shadows and contrast of light when it is dark.

There are so many options for accessories to have outside the front of your house to create greater curbside appeal. The best part about this is that you can make it unique to you!

Although you might feel stuck with a flat-fronted house, there are so many ways to create depth and interest. These 8 ideas will help you if you plan on adding curb appeal!

Appeal Your Curb

Although you might feel stuck with a flat-fronted house, there are so many ways to create depth and interest. From the curb, looking at your home, you want it to look interesting and welcoming.

By using the tips listed in this article, you should feel happy about the way your home looks. Flat-front houses need not be boring, you just have to get a little creative.

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