Ways to Add More Life to Your Home

Every so often we all look about our homes and think that it appears drab and out of date and needs some livening up. Perhaps it does nothing to enhance your personality, or maybe it’s too dark and dingy. The home is an essential part of our lives and can have a positive or negative effect on our mental health, depending on how we have it set up. So, to help you add more life to your home in the right way, here are a few tips:

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Ways to Add More Life to Your Home

Use these simple tips to bring life back into your home!

Lighten up

Do not underestimate the power of natural light. It is a huge mood enhancer and can turn a dingy room into a bright room. So, move any large objects away from the windows and open those curtains. If the window is particularly small, why not add a few strategically placed mirrors to rebound the light you have. This will make the room appear larger too. The illusion of more space will have the same effect as more space, a less oppressive feel. 

Airy curtains can add more life to your home


If you add a skylight into one of the rooms, such as the bathroom, you will increase the natural light and it will also increase the value of your property. It may reduce your electricity bill too as you will not need to turn on the light so often either. There are a variety of skylights that you can install. Companies such as Sunsquare can help you pick out the best one for your home so that you feel happy with the result. 

A skylight adds life to your home

Invest in a rug

Why not get a bright shaggy rug to liven up a room. If you can sink your feet into it and get the fluffy fibers between your toes, this will make you feel so much more comfortable. It is a little luxury and glamour. All you have to do is roll it up and take it outside to clean. Easy.

A shaggy rug.

Windows and doors

If you only have single glazed windows or a front door that has seen better days, an investment in new Windows and Doors will have the effect of making your house seem new again. You will stay warmer in the winter, and feel safer and more secure at night.

Having a lot of glass windows can add life to your home.

Pick a wall to completely cover with art and pictures. Get prints and canvas and fill the wall with quotes and images. Get photos of friends and family printed on canvases and add those to the wall as well. Then whenever you are feeling down, you can read the motivational quotes and see some of your favorite photos and you will be uplifted.

A gallery wall

Plants and flowers

A great way to add more life to your home is by literally adding more life. Plant and flowers are a fantastic additive. It does not matter how big your home is. You can have an indoor garden. Not only will they brighten the house up, adding that beautiful vibrant green, but they will also actually make your home healthier too. They are natural detoxifiers, they suck in CO2 and breathe out fresh, lush oxygen. Plants bring a bit of vitality to the home and have the effect of improving your mood. They can literally lift your spirits.

indoor plants

Final Thoughts on How to Add More Life to Your Home

Use the preceding tips above to add some new life to your home and brighten up your living space and your mood. Tell me what you have done to brighten up the space in your home in the comments below.

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