How To Add Antique Furniture To Your Home With Style

When you find an antique vase, pl, or decorative jug, adding it to your home’s décor is easy. After all, you can place it on a mantlepiece or a shelf, and voila! It has found a home! However, for bigger pieces of furniture, such as antique tables and chairs, it may not be as easy for these to blend in with your home’s décor, especially if your home has a more modern vibe. Luckily, you don’t have to confine that wardrobe or chair to the garage or loft, and here, you will learn how you can easily add any antique furniture item to your home with style!

Mix Dark Wood With Bright Space!

Suppose you have a conservatory that is bright, white, and airy. If you have a dark mahogany chair that is circa 1890, this is the ideal space to put it into. Even beautiful old sofas that are darker in color can be paired with a bright white aesthetic.

It allows you and your family to enjoy the beauty of the piece without needing to put it through a whitening or brightening restoration. Remember, wood that was used in sofas, chairs, and tables will have naturally darkened over time. Why not use that to your aesthetic advantage?

Antique sofa

Match Colors

If you have found an antique brass chandelier, why not pair it with other items in the room you put it in? This will help highlight the piece without overstating it and will pull the whole room together. 

You can use more modern designs of brass, rattan, or any color to enhance the beauty of the antique piece. If you can’t find any modern pieces to match the color of the antique, you can always crack open a tin of paint and do some DIY. Make sure you paint the modern pieces, not the antiques, as that can damage them.

Put Them In Functional Spaces

You will need a bit of space to pull off this quirky idea. However, it can work perfectly! 

If you have a chair that has an antique cloth covering, where should you put it? In the living room? The dining room? How about the kitchen or the bathroom?

Spaces around areas like a sink in the kitchen or a bathtub in the bathroom are the perfect places to put antiques. They will help you highlight the piece without it being drowned amongst the other items of furniture.

Antique chair

Go Back In Time

If you have a lot of Victorian-era furniture hanging out in your garage and you can’t find the right place for them, why not change the design of the room you are going to put the pieces in? You can take a lesson from Victorian design. Pair that dark oak table and chair set with a matching dresser while a chandelier hangs overhead. It will look amazing and will be a focal point of your home at the same time.

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