How to Find the Best Activewear for Your Workout Routine

Getting psyched up to work out is hard enough without needing to worry about what you’re going to wear. Some people don’t feel that selecting activewear matters since they’re only going to get sweaty anyway. What they don’t realize is that what you have on affects your workout!

Choosing the right activewear can help you enjoy physical training while making you feel more motivated at the same time.

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Are All Workout Fabrics the same?

Choosing activewear clothing starts with the fabric. Certain materials are better for intense activities, while others may make exercising feel like torture! Sweaty, grimy clothes not only smell bad but are also quite uncomfortable. Look for fabrics with the following characteristics:

  • Wicking: Some fabrics not only absorb sweat, but they also pull it away from the skin for quick evaporation. Keeping the body cool, this “wicking” action doesn’t leave you with sopping workout gear but dry and comfortable clothes instead.
  • Breathability: Another important thing to look for in workout clothes is how well it breathes. Clothing made with rubber or plastic doesn’t keep moisture away from your body, which allows the buildup of sweat and the possibility of heat exhaustion.
  • Cotton: This natural fabric is more breathable than some synthetics, but they absorb sweat instead of wicking it away. This can keep you warmer when exercising in cooler temperatures but isn’t a good idea when the heat is on.

No matter how your activewear looks, it’s the material that makes a real difference. Search for clothes that will wick away moisture or keep you warm while staying breathable, and then focus on how they look on your frame.

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Does Fit Really Matter?

In general, you want to be comfortable during your workout time. While tight-fitting clothes are great for some exercise, activewear that’s too small will end up causing more pains and fewer gains.

Choose clothes that are loose and comfortable. You want to have freedom of movement, not pants that limit your leg lifts. Watch out for thick seams and tighter cuffs, too. It’s also a good idea to try on your workout gear before you buy.

Keep in mind the kind of exercising you’re going to engage in as well. Loose and baggy clothes are good for pushups and sit-ups, but you’ll want more snug gear for activities such as biking so nothing gets in the way of your equipment’s operation.

Yoga and Pilates are workout styles where stretchy wicking materials work best. They offer the most freedom while also keeping you and your mat nice and dry.

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Can I Use the Same Activewear Year Round?

If your primary exercise routine keeps you inside the gym and your workout space is enclosed, only your comfort matters. It’s when you take things outside that weather becomes a problem.

Most people can’t wear their regular clothes throughout the year, and that goes double for exercise gear. Wearing the wrong activewear during inclement weather can actually cause more harm than good.

When it’s hot outside, turn to fabrics that wick with high breathability. You’ll need to stay cool and hydrated the more you sweat.

You’ll be tempted to dress warmly in colder times of the year, but you should make sure that it’s done in layers. As you work out your body temperature will rise and you’ll need a way to shed extra insulation before you overheat. During wetter weather, choose a protective outer layer that keeps the elements at bay.

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Should Workout Clothes Offer Any Other Protection?

Great activewear doesn’t just keep you comfy and dry, it will keep you safe in other ways as well. Runners, hikers and bikers will want to keep visibility in mind.

Black might be a flattering color, but it doesn’t help oncoming traffic see you in the dark! Many types of exercise gear have reflective properties if you plan on feeling the burn outside at night. Brighter clothes are helpful even during the day to help motorists spot you on the roads. 

Picking workout clothing that has UV protection is also beneficial, whether you’re exercising outside or not. While 20 minutes of daylight is great for producing vitamin D, the Sun’s rays aren’t the best thing for your skin. With the right gear, even fitness fanatics with the most sensitive skin will stay safe from those burning rays.

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Clothing Problems? Work it Out!

If you’re wearing uncomfortable clothes to exercise, it’s setting yourself up for failure. People are more likely to quit their workouts if each session is a miserable experience.

Choosing the proper materials that fit with your routine and workout space is essential to maintaining high spirits during your drills. And with the right outfit, you’ll look great thanks to all of your hard work, too!


  1. Hello Annie, Thank you for sharing this article. Finding a perfect active wear is really important, because it should be super comfy and should be skin friendly and breathable for keep away moisture and sweat, and many more factor plays a big roll and this blog is complete guidance. Keep writing.

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