3 Ways to Ensure Your AC Is Always Working Flawlessly

Air conditioning is one of those things you do not really learn to appreciate until it stops working. Depending on where you live, or more specifically, how close you are to the equator, a non-working AC can be a serious issue. I have put together a few tips that will help you keep your AC working flawlessly all the time.

Learn the Basics of AC Systems

To be able to maintain something, you first have to learn how it works. The same applies to your AC system. Mind you, no one is asking you to become a full-on certified HVAC technician. However, knowing what the main parts of your air conditioning system are and how they work in principle is essential.

AC unit with a tech working on it

Stay On Top of Maintenance

Maintenance is everything in the world of air conditioning systems. Your air unit is a magnet for all kinds of nasty things, especially during the summer. Cleaning it is the only way to prevent mold growth, blockage of critical areas, and other similar issues. You should check the exterior unit every couple of months and look for signs of damage.

The outside unit maintenance is particularly important since this part of the AC is exposed. The HVAC professionals from Sun Air Services remind us that you need to clean the fins of the exterior unit, check it for leaks and general damage. That is the best way to keep everything running smoothly.

Another point of maintenance is to check air vents for obstructions. One of the main causes of HVAC performance issues is a clogged vent. All it takes is for your pet’s hair or your kid’s toy to fall into the wrong vent and your air conditioning unit will begin to struggle.

Change That Filter

HVAC filters are a topic of their own. The type of filter you use can easily affect your quality of life, especially if you are prone to allergies. Many homeowners make the mistake of using the cheapest filter they can find. In the HVAC world, cheap filters are cheap for a reason.

Investing in a quality pleated or HEPA filter can greatly reduce your exposure to all sorts of contaminants and biological organisms. Such filters are not only more effective, but they also last much longer than regular fiberglass filters. In the end, you might even save money by going with the higher quality product.

Depending on where you live, or more specifically, how close you are to the equator, a non-working AC can be a serious issue. We’ve put together a few tips that will help you keep your AC working.

Hire Professionals To Do An Inspection

No matter how well you know your HVAC system, it is still necessary to hire a professional tech to come in once in a while and perform a thorough inspection of the entire system. HVAC technicians have the tools, but more importantly the experience necessary to find potential issues and future problems within complex air conditioning systems.

An HVAC tech will tell you if there are any capital investments in your future, or if your air conditioning is running smoothly as silk.

Tech working on an AC unit

Being consistent with your maintenance cycles is the best way to keep an AC system working for decades on end. All you have to do is be consistent and stay on top of any issues that you run into along the way.

DO you have any suggestions or tips not mentioned in the above post that could potentially help others looking to maintain their air conditioning units in their homes? Please add your suggestions to the comments box below.

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