Hi I’m Annie! I am a mama of four and a grandma to 6.

I am Yankee born, 200 years to late, with an instilled love of southern traditions. I enjoy old fashioned skills and ideals but have a modern sense of thinking. I love animals, anything old and antique, canning, gardening, cooking, being outdoors and anything country.

I am a “from-scratch”, old-fashioned, crafty, do-it-yourself country kinda gal, that will save any animal, and has a vision for an off-grid homestead that provides food on my table, fresh herbs, free range chickens, grass fed beef, all while living a self-reliant life. I enjoy my kitchen the most as it is where I spend most of my time baking homemade bread, canning and cooking for my family and my parents.

I currently homestead on 15 acres in beautiful and sunny Central Florida. I have everything from a wonderful lake, to wooded areas, to open sunny fields. What more could I ask for? My homestead is home to over 25 various breeds of chickens, 4 roosters, 1 turkey, 1 pot-bellied pig, 1 old retired rabbit, a house cat, 2 barn cats, 8 dogs and 2 Mississippi Map Turtles. Plans are made to add some goats, a few alpacas, a few meat hogs and 2 cows this year!

Now that I finally may have gotten the hang of this whole homesteading lifestyle I figured I would start helping others start their homesteading journey. Thus the reason this website exists.

Homesteading is hard work, it’s long hours, and not a lot of sleep. It can be overwhelming too, trust me. It is all about having a plan and allowing for changes. But once you have it figured out the benefits far outweigh the hard work. Now my days are filled with clean air, healthy food, and a great lifestyle that allows me to work from home amidst my family and my animals.

Come enjoy my journey as I provide everything you need to start your homesteading journey…


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Hi I’m Annie!

I'm a mama to four and grandma to six. Yankee born with a love of the south. I love old-fashioned ways with modern thinking. I'm a homesteader, gardener, blogger. I enjoy “from scratch” cooking, consider myself a crafty do-it-yourselfer, and animal rescuer.

Come start your homestead journey with me!


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