6 Minimalist Tips To Try In Your Home

Minimalism is a concept that’s really come into the limelight in the last few years. The core of this idea centers on the need to not need much. That’s a confusing way of putting it, so let’s simplify things. A minimalist life is living with the bare essentials and not having much at all. To put this into a home design concept, it’s the idea of stripping down your rooms and keeping them plain and simple. 

Now, some people love this concept and follow it religiously. Others hate it, and I fall somewhere in-between. I like some of the ideas of minimalism, but I could never commit to it fully. It’s nice to have a few extra comforts in your home as they make you feel safe and add personality. Nevertheless, there are some minimalist tips that I think you should try out. 

Minimalist Tips

Less is more

The underlying principle of being a minimalist is that less is more. You don’t have to take this to the extremes, but it’s worth thinking about. Sometimes, we’re guilty of adding too many things to one particular space.

Kitchens are a great example, as are bedrooms. A kitchen is packed full of utensils and other items that you never really use or need. As a result, the worktops become crowded, cabinets are cluttered, and your kitchen loses some of its life. The same happens in a bedroom – you have too many things that make it feel almost suffocating. 

a minimalist kitchen

Instead, start thinking that less is more. You don’t need to have things donning every bit of space on your walls or taking up all the tables space. Sometimes, leaving things bare or empty makes them look better.

The next time you think about buying something for your home, consider if it will actually improve it or not. You’ll be surprised at how often the answer is no. 

Storage is smart

An excellent minimalist idea revolves around neatness. If you walked into a minimalist home, you’d find it impeccably neat. Most notably, there’d be no clutter. Part of this comes from the less is more attitude, but it’s also down to storage. Having unique and smart storage spaces is the backbone of a minimalist home. 

As such, this is a tip you should definitely take to heat. It’s incredible how much space you can create by looking at various storage options. The secret to minimalist storage is that it almost blends in with the surroundings.

storage solutions

A standing jewelry box that doubles up as a mirror provides excellent storage while also being a functional part of your bedroom. A footstool that opens up with storage inside can be part of your living room without anyone noticing it’s storage. These are but two examples of minimalist storage ideas.

Choose things that can also be part of the surrounding room. This way you get rid of clutter while avoiding the purchase of lots of extra storage boxes or containers that actually add clutter to your home!

Functionality is key for a minimalist home

On a similar note, the minimalist design puts lots of emphasis on functionality. Hidden storage boxes are one example of this. Still, it refers to a broader range of functions as well.

Another example is a kitchen table that folds down from the wall. When not in use, it folds up and out of the way. More space has been created, giving the less is more feel. Then, when you need it, you can easily fold it down with no problems at all. 

funstional table for a minimalist home

You’ll notice a similar approach can be taken with a bed in your bedroom. Anyway, the idea is that you have things in your home that are highly functional as they do more than serve their intended purpose.

The table is a table, but the foldability allows it to also provide additional space in a confined environment. It’s a slightly confusing approach to get your head around, so I hope I’ve explained it well. In essence, look for things that provide multiple functions in your home.

Neutral tones throughout

There’s a lot about the minimalist movement that I don’t agree with. One thing is the very plain way that rooms are designed. What I mean is there’s no room for patterns or other funky designs on your walls. I think that’s fine as it adds character and personality.

However, I do agree that neutral tones are an amazing choice. With neutral colors, you can never go wrong as they aren’t too overpowering. You end up with rooms that look good throughout the seasons. Plus, neutral tones never come or go out of fashion. Some colors become really popular, only to drift out of favor after a year. Then, you’re left with an outdated home that needs to be re-painted. 

minimalist living room in neutral colors

So, neutral tones work really well. They also bring a simple style to your home decor. It makes your house seem more comfortable and stylish, without really doing too much. This is hard to explain, but trust me when I say neutral colors are the way forward. 

Mirrors open rooms up

Again, this idea falls into the mindset of taking one thing and making it more useful than it ever should be. For this point, we’re looking at mirrors. A fantastic object if you want to stare at yourself, and an essential component of many rooms. You can’t have a bathroom without a mirror, nor would you have a bedroom without one. 

However, this idea is to use mirrors to open rooms up. The reflective nature of a mirror will make a room feel twice as big as it actually is. You can use this in many different places throughout your home. A mirror in your living room opens up your living space and creates more comfort by removing.

mirror on the wall

Another highly popular minimalist idea is to get a closet with mirrors on the outside. They cover the entire door, which massively opens up a bedroom. I find this to be a brilliant concept for people with small rooms or a small home. It gives the illusion of more space!

Let natural light flow in

Natural light can work wonders for your home. I think minimalists like it because it gives a sense of openness and freedom to your room. It also complements neutral colors exceptionally well. A bright, naturally lit room is a beauty to behold. When you combine this with some of the other ideas, it’s a very good look. 

Some people keep their blinds or curtains closed all the time out of habit. There may be some privacy to this as well, but open them up and see the difference.

You can try loads of things to add natural light to a room, so don’t assume that you have to live in the gloom all the time. It will add a freshness and natural beauty to your home that’s hard to match with manufactured lights. 

A minimalist life is living with the bare essentials and not having much at all. To put this into a home design concept, it’s the idea of stripping down your rooms and keeping them plain and simple.

Final Thoughts on Minimalist Tips

For me, these are the minimalist tips that I think work best in your home. Of course, if you wanted to go full-minimalist, then you can. I just think that keeping a few extras here and there will enhance your home.

Minimalism means you won’t have lots of family photos around your house or many funky accessories. It’s all down to personal preference, so you can do what you like!

Do I think every single person reading this should adopt all the tips at once? No! Read through the list and pick out whatever tips you think will work best in and around your home. 

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