5 Ways You Can Use Cable Rails in Your Home

Cable rails have so much to offer in the way of home design. They complement both a traditional and modern home aesthetic. The sleek finishing that cable railing gives a house makes it look well-kept and appealing.

There are different cable railing designs, meaning that there is something for everyone. You could use either stainless steel, wood, or aluminum.

The best thing about cable railing other than the aesthetic touch is that it does not need extensive maintenance. All you need to do is tighten and straighten the cable. They are also easy to clean.

Here are some excellent ways to incorporate cable rails in your home:


Cable rails add instant appeal to staircases. It works best if you use a material that works with your interior design. You can use them on either indoor or outdoor staircases. If your home interior has a rustic design, opt for wooden rails to complement your aesthetic.

Aside from elevating your home, they provide a necessary safety feature to your staircases. You can also use them on your outdoor stairs. Consider going for stainless steel rails that are easy to clean and withstand different weather conditions. For more steel products check out Steel Products Direct.

Stairs with cable rails


Outdoor decks tend to have small sightlines. Therefore, cable railings work perfectly in that setup. Since they are not too bulky, you can enjoy an unobstructed view when inside the house.

They also have clean lines that ensure your deck looks neat and clean. You can enjoy your space without compromising on safety and security.  

Balcony and front porch

There is no better place to enjoy the view from your home than the balcony. Contrary to cable railing misconceptions, they do not block your view. It helps you make the most of your landscape since they have high visibility.

You can use wood railings if you love a traditional feel or metal railing if your house has a modern aesthetic. You could also add cable rails on your front porch. It adds to the curb appeal. Consider painting it in a color that works with your front door for maximum effect.

Railing on deck with cable rails


You do not necessarily need picket fences that require extensive maintenance. You also do not have to budget for replacements and repairs every season. Opt for cable railings.

The bonus is that using the sleek railing fencing increases the value of your home. Potential buyers enjoy having durable fences that do not require effort in maintenance. 


Having barriers in the poolside is a necessary element for ensuring safety. Unfortunately, most available options require tons of maintenance which can be costly in the long run.

Cable rails serve as the perfect alternative. The rails are not conspicuous and have an excellent style to match your backyard themes. 

Final remarks

Cable rails are diverse, and there are plenty of places to incorporate them in your home. Merging layering with cable railing gives a stunning outlook.

The rails also work perfectly in segmenting living spaces. Using them outside gives an unparalleled view of the landscape and surroundings, making you enjoy your home even more.

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