5 Ways to Make a Cozy Home

Your home is supposed to be your safe haven. A place of security and comfort. Your home should be a place of solitude. You can accomplish these things and have it all by transforming your living space into a cozy home.

There are many ways to turn your home into a cozy home. Warm blankets, soft textures and neutral colors all spark warm and cozy feelings. By applying some of the options below into your living space you can transform your home into the cozy home of your dreams.


5 Ways to Make a Cozy Home


1. The Living Room

cozy house: living room

Extra pillows on the couch, a knitted throw over the back, and a neutral colored rug all inspire feelings of coziness in the living room.

Light or neutral colored drapes with lace or sheer curtains beneath also represent a feeling of warmth. Stay away from pleats or straight lines with your curtains. Use soft, flowing fabric instead.

When placing art work on the wall use floral patterns or soft, muted pastels. Dark frames or abstract art often feel cold.

The most popular element to spark feelings of coziness and warmth is a fireplace with burning wood. Nowadays, one can purchase a real look fireplace that is free standing. Some even provide a heat source and a realistic “fire” burning.


2. The Dining Room

Cozy home: dining room

To make the dining area of your home feel warmer, start with the table and chairs. Soft padded seat cushions in neutral colors, as well as padded backs, can make even the darkest stained wood chairs seem more inviting and comfortable.

A round table or rectangular table with round corners produces warmer feelings than a table with pointy or square corners.

Decorate your table with a neutral or light colored tablecloth as well as cloth placemats and napkins. Keep table settings simple with round plates and stemware that is also simple.

A nice neutral floral arrangement or a tray of candles placed in the center of the table will soften any room.

As with the living room, keep art work, furniture, and curtains, soft colored, simple and clean. Lace runners help soften the look of big, bulky furniture. Whitewashed furniture will present a cozier feel also.


3. The Bedroom

cozy house: bedroom

In the bedroom, coziness isn’t necessarily about neutral colors. Shades of burgundy, deep blues, and olive greens also promote coziness and warmth.

Extra pillows on the bed, especially oversized pillows are inviting as are small lamps beside the bed.

A chest or trunk placed at the foot of the bed doubled as storage or seating allows for an extra place to sit and relax or read a book.

Keep nicknacks and junk from piling up on dressers and nightstands. Seeing unnecessary items stacked up or thrown about denotes chaos and feelings of being unorganized.


4. The Kitchen or Bathroom

Cozy home: Kitchen

These two rooms are limiting on how cozy they can actually be but there are a few things you can do. Keep with light colored curtains and shower curtains. Candles placed near or on the tub can bring about feelings of relaxation.

In the kitchen, soft colored cabinets can inspire cozy feelings. Also throw rugs placed in front of the fridge, stove, and sink, make the room feel warmer.

Replacing light bulbs with softer bulbs can also help any room feel more inviting.


5. Outside of the Home

Cozy home: Exterior

There are many ways to make the exterior of your home feel like a cozy home.

Window boxes filled with flowers or cascading plants make a home feel warm and inviting. Shutters placed to the sides of windows also promote warmth.

A front door painted a deep color also makes a home feel inviting and cozy. Displaying a seasonal wreath or floral swag on the door is also a great option.

The landscaping that surrounds your home can also help a home feel cozy. Soft, rounded corners on flower beds, natural colored mulches, and flowers all contribute to the feeling of warmth you want to portray.

Decorative fencing, a few simple yard decorations, and a freshly cut lawn are all ways to add a feeling of being warm and cozy.


Try these five ways to make your home cozy.

Creating a cozy home can be simple and fun. Every area of your home can be transformed to appear warm and cozy. Just remember to stick with neutral colors, soft edges, simple patterns, and minimal clutter. Before you know it your home will be transformed into the cozy home of your dreams.


What changes have you made in your home to make your warm and cozy? Do you have any suggestions that were not mentioned here for my readers? I love to see and hear what others are doing. Check out HGTV for more home decorating ideas.


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