5 Repairs You Can Get to Now That You’re Quarantined

The COVID-19 outbreak has given people around the country something they always asked for: time. As long as they remain healthy, they now have opportunities to take care of unfinished projects. This includes addressing many items that have gone unattended around your home. For some ideas, here are 5 repairs you can get to now that you’re quarantined.

Roof Repairs

Your roof has gone through some harsh times over the fall and winter. Prior to the powerful spring and summer storms, it’s time to examine the area to see if any repairs are required. The shingles are the most important part. If moderate or serious damage is detected, then there’s a good chance the underlying structure is affected. Including areas like the soffit and fascia.

Repairs like roofing can be done while under quarantine

This is where a roof repair company would be contacted. This type of organization has subject matter experts on all things roofing. Therefore, they’re quicker in determining issues, providing cost estimates, and making the necessary repairs. Besides, having someone else handle roof repairs reduces your risk of an injury that puts you in the hospital.


The gutter system around your home is another of the repairs to address while you are quarantined. Especially if they haven’t been taken care of in a while. In fact, if you don’t take care of them during this period, then you run the risk of some catastrophic damage to your home’s interior and exterior.

Since a gutter system’s job is to redirect precipitation away from the roofline, any clogs in the mechanism cause a backup in the channels and the downspout. In turn, new and existing water will splash onto the roofline and down the siding. The eventual outcome is rotted shingles and eaves, cracked foundations, and water damage to the basement and upper floors.

Cleaning gutters one of the repairs that should be made on the home.

Thus, now is the time to clear the gutters and downspouts of any debris and tighten any equipment. Should you notice damage to the system, then seek out a contractor to install a new unit as soon as possible.


No matter where you live, insulation is important to the comfort of your home. In colder climates, insulation maintains the home’s warmth. In the summer, it helps all the rooms stay cool. The lack of his material can make your quarantine an uncomfortable one.

home insulation

You can add more insulation on your own or with an experienced contractor. In either case, you want to measure all surfaces where insulation is needed. Then, decide if you want to utilize a product made from rolled fiberglass or spray foam. The thicker the insulation the better the climate control will be.

HVAC System

Don’t make quarantine an excuse to not maintain your HVAC system. In addition to the normal replacement of air filters, you want to have the unit checked out. Especially since you won’t be going anywhere for several weeks.

HVAC repairs can be made by a professional

As long as your certified repair shop is open, they can send someone out to perform a semi-annual check on both the blower fan and the AC unit. In addition, they can fix the issues sooner than later so you can remain comfortable during these tough times.

Wall Repair

Have you noticed cracks in the wall or ceiling? Have the number of pinholes from various wall hangings increased over time? These are items that can be addressed completely during the quarantine.

Cracked walls can cause moisture damage

In many locations, hardware stores are part of essential areas open during shelter-in-place orders. Thus, it should be easy to purchase paint, spackle, and drywall repair kits. What will be difficult is motivating yourself to cover, sand, and paint all of those areas. It will take patience and time. Though you may not have a lot of the former you certainly have a plethora of the latter.

Final Thoughts About Repairs…

In summary, if you are not afflicted with COVID-19, you literally have all the time in the world to take care of these repairs. They don’t have to be done all at once. They can be spaced out to maximize productivity and budget. If you’re hesitant, think of it in this way: the quicker these items get taken care of, the more leisure time you’ll have available when all the restrictions are lifted.

Check out the 5 repairs you can accomplish on your home while stuck at home.


  1. We recently got a new roof and I am so relieved since we have been having so much rain. Very important repairs to make while you have the time.

    1. Author

      Absolutely! The roof is the most important part next to your foundation! Seems you had that done just in time!

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