5 Home Renovation Projects To Help You Cool Off

If the heat is getting to you this summer and you can’t seem to cool off, one of these home renovation projects could be in order. Here are just 5 home renovation projects to help you chill out.

home renovation projects


5 Home Renovation Projects To Help You Cool Off This Summer



Install/upgrade your air conditioning


If your home hasn’t got air conditioning, you may want to consider this as one of your first home renovation projects. Many homes have HVAC systems that combine heating and air conditioning regulation. Modern HVAC systems available from the likes of Be Green Systems use up much less energy than older models making them a lot cheaper to run. This is whilst still providing good if not better cooling ability than older air conditioning units. You could even invest in a smart air conditioning system that you can control with your phone even when you’re not in the home. This could allow you to turn on the air on your way back from work and arrive back to a cool house.

home renovation projects


Build a pool


Another of the great home renovation projects could be to build a pool. Swimming pools aren’t cheap to own but they’re a luxury that most people believe to be worth the value. There are companies such as Designer Pools of Tulsa that may be able to provide you with the pool of your dreams. Alternatively, you may be happy with a cheap and small pool that you can simply use for dipping in when you get too hot.

home renovation projects


Opt for ceramic/porcelain floors


Your flooring can also make a difference to the temperature of your home. Generally speaking, carpets trap heat and are a bad option for those that want to keep their home cool. Wooden floors are a better option for staying cool. Although the heat and humidity can cause them to warp. Stone tiles are one of the coolest flooring options and are best suited for warm climates as the material isn’t affected by the heat.


Companies such as Unique Flooring can install this flooring for you. Different types of stone are likely to have different associated properties and costs that may be worth looking into. These flooring options make great choices for your home renovation projects.

home renovation projects


Upgrade to an energy-efficient oven


When cooking, many older ovens give off lots of heat which can make the inside of a home even hotter. Upgrading to a newer energy-efficient oven could prevent this heat loss and allow you to cook without turning your home into a sauna. These ovens will also save you money on your heating bills by using up less energy. Companies such as Beko specialize in these energy efficient ovens. It’s worth shopping around to find an oven that prevents heat loss and provides all the cooking needs you’re after.   

home renovation projects


Install a cool roof


For those that live in hot climates pretty much all year round, cool roofing could be a worthy investment. A cool roof reflects heat from the sun, allowing your home to remain cooler during the day. Companies such as Elite Roofing Services can help to install this type of roof onto your property.

Use these 5 home renovation projects to help you beat the heat this summer and stay cool.


Now you are aware of 5 home renovation projects to help you cool off this summer. Have you started any of these? Let me know in the comments below.


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