5 Easy Hacks for Chores Using Household Staples

Chores are never going to be everyone’s favorite way to spend their day. For the most part, they are relentless and repetitive, and it stands to reason that people want to find ways to make their chores as easy as possible and reduce how long they spend cleaning up.

But what are the best hacks that actually work? While having the best appliances will undoubtedly make things easier and being able to compare stick vacuums or other cleaning appliances to find the best ones will serve you well, so will other hacks to reduce the manual labor part of cleaning up and household chores.

Hacks for Chores

cleaning the faucet

White Vinegar Can Be A Lifesaver with Chores

When doing bathroom chores, white vinegar is your solution to cleaning glassware to remove water stains. Simply rub it on with a cloth. It can also bring up faucets and remove limescale from showerheads easily. Spray on the white vinegar, wrap a bag around the showerhead and leave overnight before wiping away residue.

There is no end to what this versatile solution can do around the home, plus it removes the need for excessive chemicals from home.

Bread Cleans Up Smashed Glass

When you accidentally smash glass, it can be tricky to ensure all the shards of glass are picked up and cleaned away. Wet a piece of bread. Use the damp bread to wipe over the area where the glass was smashed. This will allow you to safely and easily clean up breakages.

shattered glass

Lemons Aren’t Just Sour.

While your body will thrive from a cup of hot water with a dash of fresh lemon squeezed in during the morning, so will your microwave. Simply squeeze a lemon into half a cup of water and drop in the rest of the lemon. Pop the mixture into the microwave and turn it on until the water starts to boil. And then wipe away any residue or stuck-on food easily.

Lemon is especially great on shower screens to cut through grease and around bathrooms and kitchens for easier cleaning. What better hack to make your chores easier?

Easy Blender Cleaning

How much of a chore do you find cleaning your blender? There are so many different compartments to clean, not to mention the sharp blades. Avoid all the messing about by cleaning your blender as soon as you have used it. Fill your blender jug half full with hot water and dish soap. Pop the lid on securely and turn it on. The mix of hot water and soap will ensure that our blender will clean itself during this time, meaning you only need to rinse it out and, voila, clean blender, less hassle.

 People want to find ways to make their chores as easy as possible and reduce how long they spend cleaning up. This post should help!

Great Grapefruits!

Did you know if you cut a grapefruit in half and sprinkle salt on it, you can use it to clean your bathroom? It’s true. Make sure your bath or sink is wet first, so run the water. Then use the salty grapefruit to rub over the tub, including plugholes and faucets, for a fresh and fruity clean that not only effectively removes soap scum and dirt but also leaves your bathroom looking and feeling clean and fresh.

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