Top 5 Dependable Firearms To Protect Your Homestead

Having dependable firearms is a smart way to keep your homestead safe. Whenever you are attacked by an invader, an easy-to-use gun will come in handy. 

According to official FBI statistics, in 2019, there were about seven million property crime offenses in the US. As a result, over $16 billion in losses were recorded that year alone. 

Whatever opinion you have about firearms, you can’t neglect the fact that there is a growing importance of keeping your home and family safe. 

Find out which guns will help you effectively protect your homestead

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Five Best Firearms To Protect Your Homestead 

1. The Akdas 512-TR O/U 12G/30” Turkish Walnut GRD2 Hand Engraved White Receiver 

This shotgun guarantees you a combination of performance, balance, and value. I can’t think of a better way to protect your homestead against invaders than having one of these guns. 

Because it is built like a tank 12G, this model ensures long-lasting service life for a frequent shooter. It also guarantees a firm hold and can be adjusted to suit the fit of any shooter, thanks to the comb stock design. 

However, ensure you pick the perfect ammunition to guarantee maximum effects. 

2. Beretta: APX Handgun – 9mm 

If you prefer a top-notch professional firearm to protect your home, choose the Beretta. Initially designed for military and law enforcement operators, it has endured extensive testing and evaluation at the professional level.  

The Beretta handgun will guarantee superior performance in durability, reliability, trigger, and ergonomics.  

To protect your home spontaneously and reliably, choose the Beretta APX handgun. 

It is simple to disassemble and maintain. Your reaction time to any break-in will be sharp and smooth!


3. Benelli LUPO Rifle 6.5 CRMR 24 Syn 

This rifle is built for extreme shooting comfort. It is made for precision. Your target has no chance of escaping when you have this rifle. 

For better ability to stay accurately on target, this rifle guarantees decreased recoil, less muscle flip, and less anticipated recoil by the shoulder. 

Nevertheless, you may want to be wary of your neighborhood so that you don’t cause extra damage. The power of a rifle is strong and can go through your target and hit another person. 

4. Glock G35 GEN 4.40 S & W 

The Glock introduces revolutionary design changes that dominate the limited class of less competitive sports worldwide. This handgun is very customizable. You can adapt the grip to fit any shooter’s hand size. 

Internally, the Glock dual recoil spring assembly sustainably increases the life of the system. 

It is also flexible enough to handle left or right-hand operators. Above all, it is changeable in seconds. It is an easy-to-use handgun to ensure you effectively protect your homestead. 



This semi-automatic rifle guarantees you an all-around performance and all-around fun. It is perfect for plinking, target shooting, and even hunting. 

It can also serve as a multi-purpose weapon for you. A rifle that you use to protect your homestead and also for hunting. 

The rifle features a modern tactical design with an adjustable 3-position black synthetic stock. It guarantees high precision and accuracy. 

This rifle comes with sights and a rail system for additional resources, making it easy for you to customize your rifle effortlessly. 

Which is The Best Gun For Homestead Safety 

All five firearms mentioned above are good guns available at Canada gun store to keep your homestead safe. However, the ideal weapon should allow you to be physically, mentally, and emotionally ready to combat any dangers at home. 

After choosing a firearm of your choice, you may want to purchase an additional magazine to have on hand. For example, you can buy the pmag 308 online via websites like Primary Arms and many more. It helps to know which type of gun you will be purchasing for before searching for these. 

For better homestead protection, I strongly recommend the shotgun. A 12 or 20-gauge shotgun will guarantee the safety of your homestead. They are portable, flexible, and can generate just enough force to put an invader down. You won’t worry about causing harm to your neighbors. 

If after reading this you are still unsure as to the best firearm to choose, you may wish to consider visiting a local firearm show. There are several positive reasons to travel to a show when considering your options, for instance, you can learn about and understand how different guns operate, browse a wide selection of choices, as well as perhaps pick up a bargain too!


How To Buy Firearms Online

Government legislation makes it lawful to buy firearms online!

Contrary to popular belief, if you can purchase a specific firearm in your neighborhood gun store, you can also buy that item online. However, you will find varieties of guns from an online store to choose from.

Guns bought online won’t be shipped directly to the buyer. The seller will deliver it to a licensed dealer of your choice. This is to ensure mandatory background checks. 

You must choose a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer in your area to receive your firearms. It will be delivered directly to the dealer of your choice, and they will conduct a background check before handing over your weapon.

Please always check in with the FFL dealer of your choice to ensure they are available and to be aware of any fees you may incur by having your gun delivered through them. 

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Daily home invasions are increasing in the US and Canada. There has never been a better moment to protect your homestead using firearms than now. 

All firearms can guarantee protection, but the shotgun is a safer option. Using a shotgun will give you more agility, stability, and peace of mind because you won’t worry about hurting a neighbor. 

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