5 Conveyancing Myths Every Home Buyer Should Avoid

Buying a house is a thrilling prospect, but it can be overwhelming at the same time. Every part of the process sounds complex, from choosing the right property to inspections, paperwork, and closing the deal. Conveyancing is another tricky part most homebuyers struggle with.

It involves the complex administrative and legal process of transferring the ownership of the property. Most buyers try to manage it themselves but get into a fix.

The best piece of advice is to know the conveyancing myths and steer clear of them to make your journey a smooth one. Here are the conveyancing misconceptions you should avoid.

Conveyance agreement

Myth #1- DIY conveyancing is a good idea

Potential home buyers have a lot to handle. The typical to-do lists include finalizing the budget, checking endless property listings, gathering documents, and more.

DIY conveyancing can elevate your burden and stress. Moreover, any mistake can get you into trouble. The best option is to have a conveyancer take care of the legal and administrative processes.

They ensure you choose the ideal property by checking the title. If something is amiss, they will advise you against going ahead with the deal. 

Myth #2- Choosing a conveyancer is difficult

Looking for a conveyancer is easier than you imagine. It is much like searching for a tradesperson to service your car or paint your home. You can choose wisely by researching your options, such as the CNC Searches website, and getting multiple quotes from conveyancers.

It enables you to shop and compare to pick the best professional for the job. You can double-check them by asking questions before sealing the deal.

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Myth #3- Cheapest is always the best

Price should not be the top concern when choosing a conveyancing expert for your property. Of course, you must check the Conveyancing legal fees they charge.

But also look at factors like the expertise, experience, and track record. Ensure to get a fixed fee service, or you may get an unexpected bill at the end of the process. Even better, look for a professional offering a no move, no fee guarantee. 

Myth #4- It is better to take a conveyancing package from your agent

The last thing you should do is to take a conveyancing package from your estate agent. They will probably have a deal on the service.

It is tempting to grab such a deal because you can save time searching for a solicitor. But you may end up paying more as the agent will ask for a referral fee. The easier way is to look for a solicitor online, ask for quotes, compare them, and choose the best one. 

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Myth #5- Conveyancing is a very long process

Another myth you should not believe is that conveyancing is a very long process. Most buyers consider it the most cumbersome part of the entire journey.

Consider it a necessary evil because the last thing you should do is close the deal without being sure that the title and paperwork are clear. But the truth is that you can expect to complete the process within 8 – 12 weeks. Having an expert solicitor handling the process makes it a breeze. 

Conveyancing need not be as daunting as you imagine, provided you have the right professionals showing the way. Ditch these myths to make it smooth and effortless!

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