4 Hidden Dangers Lurking In Your Home

Your home is your castle. It’s your safe place. It is your refuge from the world and all the problems and stresses that it brings you. It’s a place where you can kick off your high heels, throw on your PJs and just enjoy being you. We all do our best to make our homesteads safe and secure spaces for ourselves and our families, but despite our best efforts there are some hidden dangers that lurk in our homes beneath our notice and we’re often not aware of them until it’s too late.


These may be environmental factors, products that we didn’t know were unsafe when we bought them or the everyday items that we don’t give a second glance yet carry a hidden menace. Here are just a few of the unobtrusive yet dangerous hazards that could be lurking in your home right now…


Hidden Dangers Lurking In Your Home


EMF Exposure


EMF or Electromagnetic Frequency is an invisible surge of energy associated with electricity. Depending on their frequencies they can be benign but they can be harmful when they reach certain levels. You may be surprised at how many of your household devices and appliances emit EMF from wireless routers to cooking appliances.


Indeed in most homes, EMF levels are at their highest in the kitchen. Check out this guide to determining whether your home has safe EMF levels. While some are more sensitive to EMF than others constant and layered exposure can lead to a varied range of health defects from headaches to nausea and fatigue to anxiety and depression and even loss of libido.

hidden dangers- emf


Carbon Monoxide


Often referred to as “the silent killer” this odorless and tasteless gas is known to be the cause of 400 deaths per year. Unfortunately, symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning take a while to present and when they do, it’s already quite serious. In early stages carbon monoxide poisoning presents itself as flu-like symptoms and if left untreated can even be fatal.


This kind of poisoning usually occurs when organic fuels from kerosene to tobacco are burned in a poorly ventilated area. Therefore, wherever there’s a flame, there should also be ventilation. Furnaces and fireplaces also can give off carbon monoxide. There are monitors for your home that you can install yourself that can detect carbon monoxide immediately.


Chemical cleaners


Most households have way too many chemical cleaning products. Not only are they needlessly expensive they’re lousy for the environment, are packaged in non-recyclable plastics and represent an extraordinary danger if you have young children in the house.


In most cases, there’s nothing that a store bought cleaner can do that a combination of water and white vinegar or maybe a little bicarbonate of soda can do just as well, but if you must use chemical cleaners, ensure that they’re stored out of reach of children. Simply turning the nozzle to the “off” position is rarely an effective solution to prying little hands.

hidden dangers-cleaning products


Button batteries


We often forget how reliant we are on these little things. They power our watches, our kids’ toys, and our hearing aids. Yet they can be fatally dangerous to young children and pets. Not only do they represent a serious choking hazard, in some cases they may actually open in the esophagus, spilling caustic fluid into the throat or stomach. Make sure that batteries are stored securely and hidden away before use and kept in a secure box to be recycled after use.  


Learn about 4 hidden dangers that could be lurking in your home and how to protect your family from them.


Do you have any of these hidden dangers lurking in your home? Can you find a replacement for these dangers and make your home a safer place to be? Please leave your comments in the box below.



  1. Thanks, very helpful information. Appreciate you sharing on EMF levels. These levels out of control can have a huge effect on a person.
    I shared on Pinterest in hopes to help others be more aware of the dangers.

    1. Author

      Thank you, Cindy, for sharing my post on Pinterest. I am glad you enjoyed the post!

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