4 Awesome Bedroom Cleaning Hacks

Understanding the importance of having a clean bedroom isn’t hard. A tidy, clean bedroom is one that is easy to feel calm and collected in. It’s one that’s easy to sleep in, easy to dream in and easy to want to be in. So, naturally, you want to get it clean and ready for the week ahead. You can check out the best way to keep pests out of your bed here at BedBugDocs.com. And once you’ve done that, you can check out the 4 bedroom cleaning hacks below so that you have the cleanest bedroom in the house.


The bedroom is the one place that you are supposed to be able to chill out, relax and just wind down from your day. The problem is that the bedroom is also the usual dumping ground for clothing. Once you leave it for the day ahead, you don’t go back until bedtime. It’s somewhere that clothes and general house detritus get moved around but never really put away. There’s usually a stack of paperwork or books on the bedside table in no particular order. There’s always a chair of some sort that has clothes – clean ones,  – draped over the top.

bedroom cleaning hacks


4 Awesome Bedroom Cleaning Hacks



Bedroom Cleaning Hack 1: Stack Clothes.


Everyone loves clean clothes, but if you have your clothes on a chair in the middle of the room, it can be pretty depressing, right? It’s time to change your thinking. Even after you have hung your clothes in the closet, you need somewhere for the rest. The chest of drawers where you’ve always stacked your clothes on top of each other needs a change.


Why not stack them vertically? Flicking through your clothes like documents in a filing cabinet is so much easier than sifting through piles of stacked items that you have to move around to see. When those clothes are neatly put away the whole bedroom appears cleaner.

bedroom cleaning hacks


Bedroom Cleaning Hack 2: Organize Bedding.


When you get a fresh set of sheets, you immediately want to strip the bed and put the new set on. Once you’ve washed the other set, dry it, fold it and store the entire set in one of the pillowcases. This is a great way to keep your linen closet neat and tidy and prevent it from being screwed up in the cupboard. 

bedroom cleaning hacks


Bedroom Cleaning Hack 3: Folding.


Speaking of bedding, you need to learn to fold a fitted sheet, so you don’t end up doing the “roll up and stuff” method. Check out this video so that you can learn to do it efficiently and then there’s no more ironing bedding in your future. Keeping that extra bedding elsewhere keeps your bedroom much less cluttered.


Bedroom Cleaning Hack 4: Vinegar.


One of the most magical ingredients for cleaning lovers is vinegar. One of the best places you could clean are the blinds in your bedroom. Use a solution of equal parts water and vinegar and get cleaning between each slat for a fresh window. You can also spray your mattress with this same solution to rid it of any odors. Curtains can also be sprayed with this solution.

bedroom cleaning hacks


These 4 bedroom cleaning hacks can really help your bedroom to feel as clean and fresh as it should be.


Use these 4 simple bedroom cleaning hacks to make your bedroom a sanctuary you actually enjoy spending time in.



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