How to Find a 3D Exterior Rendering Design Services: Guide 2022

Modern project visualization can hardly exist without 3D exterior rendering design. The latter is required to encourage creativity, experimentation, and imagination. Who can help you with it? The studios offer 3D exterior rendering design services by developing instruments for the presentation of architectural projects and real estate sales. For example, you can hire the team of Freedesstudio.

The design professionals treat 3D exterior renderings as an opportunity to see a realistic image of the prospective property. Residential complexes, private properties, or public areas can be represented in an intelligent manner. Let’s see how things work here!

3d Rendering of house exterior

About 3D exterior rendering design services

3D rendering services have become a crucial element of the modern architectural company. 3D visualizations provide an edge at almost every process step. Consider cement rendering sydney for a professional and thorough job.

Visualizing the building can help sell the concept to stakeholders, make your portfolio more attractive, and sell the product quicker. No matter what process stage you are at, a 3D visualization is an instrument worth having by private and corporate customers.

Modern design services like Freedesstudio apply special visualization techniques and modern design methods. With the best software, such as 3ds Max, Corona Renderer for 3ds Max, Fusion 360, Vray 3ds Max, they are able to create top-notch 3D exterior designs.

modern house rendering

Things to keep in mind when working with 3D exterior rendering design services

Developing realistic visual designs starts with forming a 3D model that meets the project specifications. Many more nuances need to be considered when working with 3D exterior rendering design services:

  • Get some practice by putting your dreams onto a canvas so you can see how far you can take your design knowledge.
  • Polish your design by eliminating possible mistakes.
  • Implement new concepts of sustainability or security in the design projects and leave some space for experiments.
  • Speed up timelines and reduce expenses without damaging project safety.
  • Interact with customers to learn their needs and preferences in design aspects.

Criteria for choosing 3D exterior rendering services providers

3D rendering isn’t as easy as it seems, so many architects fail to deliver good visuals. This is where the need for professional services appears. To pick the best agency, you need to do the following things:

  • Check the local portfolio with the completed design works
  • Read through customer reviews and references
  • Compare at least three different artists
  • Take a look at corporate blueprints for better awareness
  • Consider the pricing policies to pick the one that fits your budget.


The market knows a lot of 3D exterior rendering design services. Freedesstudio is one of them. Their specialists can help you at different stages of a new project. They sketch out their ideas and bring out clear design plans while adhering to relevant safety standards.

If you’re ready to hire a professional who would turn your blueprints or sketches into beautifully rendered images, you shouldn’t hesitate to do it. In the end, you will be happy with the result.

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