3 Ways To Cater For The Needs Of Your Horse

If you live on a farm or you have a lot of property and plan to keep horses; it is vital that you make use of the natural resources available to you. There are lots of ways in which people with land can save a fortune when it comes to keeping their horse happy and healthy.


Considering that, take a moment to read some of the ideas below and see if you can implement them as soon as possible. You will keep more cash in your accounts, and your horses will live a long and healthy life without you having to spend incredible amounts of your income on their upkeep.




3 Ways To Cater For The Needs Of Your Horse




Dig a well to provide clean water


Anyone who lives on a farm should think about paying professionals to come and test their land to see if there are any water sources. That can become an expensive process, but the investment will pay for itself in the long-term. You might have to contact companies that can provide you with a mechanical packer or two if you decide to drill. Presuming you manage to find water on your land; you can pay the experts to create a well that you can use to make sure your horse (and any other animals) can drink to their heart’s content without ever costing you a dime.



Plant suitable crops


While most people buy specially-made horse feed for their animals; you could save a lot of money by growing the right crops to feed your animals. The best thing about horses is they love to eat hay. So, nothing is stopping you from keeping some of your bales back when you sell the others to feed your four-legged friends. Horses are more than happy to consume the following vegetables:


  • Beetroot
  • Carrot
  • Celery
  • Cucumber
  • Parsnip
  • Swede
  • Turnip



Build stables using wood from your land


When it comes to building stables for your horse; it doesn’t make sense for you to buy a flat-packed building or something similar. You probably have a lot of trees on your land, and so it is possible you could make use of them. Of course, you’ll have to cut the trees down and then send them away for treatment and preparation. However, you can then build your stables using materials from your land and become self-sufficient. Try to use as many natural materials as possible during the process to ensure you limit your reliance on premade items. You can even fashion bolts and joins utilizing the wood if you’re handy.



Now you know how to cater to the needs of your horse using only your land; you can reduce the amount you spend each month. While these suggestions might require an initial investment; they are sure to save you a fortune in the long-run. Now all you have to do is create your plan of action. Work out which of these ideas will work best for you. There is no getting away from the fact that horses need a lot of care and attention. So, keeping them on your land rather than at local stables is always preferable.


Caring for your horse can be easier if you follow these simple steps to assure their health and well-being.


Are their other ways in which you cater to your horse or horses? Tell me about them in the comments below.


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