Honing In On Your Homestead: 3 Easy Ways To Make Money

With a little bit of luck, your homestead should be enough to fulfill your finances. At the very least, it’ll sustain you so you can get by with less. After all, running a homestead is more than a full-time job. It’s a lifestyle which will require every ounce of your attention. There may be no way you could fit an outside job into your days, as well.

The trouble is, homesteads can take time to reap the rewards. You have to wait for crops to grow before you can earn profits. You need to let cows mature before they produce milk. Which begs the question of what you can do while you wait for everything to develop.

There are plenty of sidelines to hone in on to provide for you during that first year. You may even find that these become invaluable tools to boost your income down the line. Bear in mind that, given these, all involve the public, you will want to invest in insurance in case of accidents. But, think of it as an investment. That small cost could open up these 3 easy ways to make money.



Honing In On Your Homestead: 3 Easy Ways To Make Money

Host open days

No matter what stage you’re at in your homestead life, you can bet people will want to see what you’re doing. Entry fees could see you making a real profit from open days. Of course, you’ll need to come up with fun things for your guests to do.


Trailer rides could be a hit, as could grooming the horses or feeding the lambs. You could even let kids water your veg patch at set times. Get your thinking cap on, and you’ll soon find there’s plenty available to keep guests amused. On top of that, it is the first of 3 easy ways to make money on your homestead.


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Open up for horse rides

You’ve got enough on your plate without opening a horse riding school. But, it might be worth thinking about hosting a horse riding day every three months or so. If that doesn’t appeal, you could always offer hire horses for hacks. Either way, this could be a real money spinner if you put the right insurance plan in place. Using the horses you already own is another one of the easy ways to make money.


What’s more, you can even cut costs on things like tack if you know where to shop. There are over 100 name brand western used saddles stocked at Horse Saddle Shop and others like them. Look around, and you could cover the costs of this sideline in no time. Then, you’re looking at a pure profit for not much work on your part.


easy ways to make money


Offer a homestead experience

Kids especially love the idea of life on a farm. So, why not offer a ‘homestead experience’ package for families? Obviously, you would need to be realistic about jobs your guests can do. But, children are sure to enjoy mucking out barns and stables or helping out with feeding times. What’s more, the exclusive nature of opportunities like these means you can charge a fair amount for them.


If you’ve got the patience to do this, it’s by far the most lucrative of all these suggestions. So, what are you waiting for? Use one of these easy ways to make money to bring an additional income into your homestead today!


Learn 3 easy ways to make money on your homestead.



Do you offer any of these options on your homestead? Tell us about them in the comments below.



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