The Ultimate Guide to the Best 2019 Homesteading Resources

It is a new year which means new goals and plans for most homesteaders. In 2018, I compiled a list of resources for homesteaders. But, after 2 years of blogging, I have managed to meet tons of homesteaders, found some awesome homesteading websites and gathered so many resources that I have compiled them here. In this Ultimate Guide to the Best 2019 Homesteading Resources, I have compiled the best of the best. There are websites, YouTube channels, books, courses, ebooks and more. Sit back grab a drink and immerse yourself in this long list of resources.


The Ultimate Guide to the Best 2019 Homesteading Resources


This post is incredibly long but I wanted to share all the great stuff I found throughout 2018! If you have another resource I didn’t mention, please feel free to let me know! Also please note; all prices stated here are current as of January 2019. If you have any issues with any of the links please let me know so I can update them.


Websites for Homesteaders


These websites offer some of the best 2019 homesteading resources out there. I am very familiar with each and every one of them and know you will definitely find something useful within them all.


The Green Acre Homestead: Chelsea is a newer blogger but you wouldn’t know it. She shares posts on living simply, homesteading and homemaking.

The New Homesteaders Almanac: Lisa has been blogging for a while and has a lot of information about self-reliance and self-sufficiency. Don’t miss her self-reliant challenges she does at least once a year with other homestead bloggers!

Candy’s Farmhouse Pantry: Candy is an amazing woman with homesteading recipes that are delicious and fun! She also shares many natural DIY products for you to make.

Homegrown Self Reliance: Shawna shares everything from home remedies and DIY natural cleaners to homesteading tips and animals. Her entire website is dedicated to self-reliance. There is a lot to learn from this blogger!

Oak Hill Homestead: Kathi is another amazing blogger sharing great information on the care of goats, healthy living, gardening and more. She also hosts a Blog Hop every Thursday!

Nancy on the Homefront: Nancy is one of the first homestead blogs I started following and I have learned so much from her! Her posts include topics such as frugality, fitness, recipes, gardening and more! She is also part of the Simple Blog Hop.

Just Another Day on the Farm: Valerie shares posts on topics like permaculture, food preservation, recipes and more. She shares videos and has quite a few book reviews you may enjoy.

Stone Family Farmstead: I don’t think there is a topic this lady doesn’t touch on. But I think my favorites are her food preservation posts. From canning to dehydrating to her recipes, you are sure to stay awhile on this site!

Flip Flop Barnyard: Jenna posts on topics such as gardening, crafts, frugal living, healthy living and more. There is a lot of information on her site.

Healing Harvest Homestead: Heidi is the guru of all things herbal and soaps! She has e-books, helpful articles and more. Make sure you sign up for her newsletter because it is one of the best out there!

Tiny Yellow Bungalow: Jessie is all about zero-waste on the homestead and provides many posts on how you can learn to do the same.

Our Inspired Roots: Mindy specializes in simplifying your life, improving your health naturally, growing your own food and creating a more sustainable and self-sufficient life.

Better Hens and Gardens: Lesa’s blog is all about goats, chickens, honey bees, gardening, and DIY. She also hosts the Homestead Blog Hop!

Rockin W Homestead: Shelle is the expert at dehydrating and has a very extensive course for it! She also has a few other shorter courses available.

Farming My Backyard: Kathryn writes about creating her urban farm with her family. Some of her topics include rabbits, chickens, goats, and gardening.

The Prairie Homestead: Jill is like a veteran homesteader and covers pretty much everything! Her newsletters are very helpful and her posts cover just about everything homesteading.


YouTube Channels


I follow every one of these channels and know first hand that they most definitely should be part of the best 2019 homesteading resources. Each one is a bit different and between them all you can receive quite an education by watching and subscribing to them.


Big Family Homestead: “Big Family Homestead is a journey of learning the many ways to become self-sufficient. From goats to worms, gardens to solar.”

Appalachia’s Homestead with Patara: “How a suburban family left it all behind in order to homeschool and homestead in Appalachia”

Sheri Ann Richerson: “Sheri Ann Richerson is a leading pioneer in the self-sufficiency movement. For the past 19 years, she has been living, teaching, and promoting organic gardening, natural health and self-sufficiency through all forms of media.”

Fouch Family Off-Grid: “Off-grid since 2014, our family of five used to live in a 314 square foot yurt in the Boise foothills. But we’re building our off-grid timber frame dream home.”

Family Heritage Living: This Pioneer Life: “Christ-centered, homeschooling, homesteading family. In love with history, lost arts and reclaiming them.”

The Grass Fed Homestead: “The Grass-fed Homestead is all about using permaculture principles to ethically and sustainably raise plants and animals to provide our family with healthy, nutrient-dense sustenance while regenerating our landscape.”

Off-Grid with Doug and Stacy: “Post videos DAILY and they range from HOW TO to EVERYDAY LIFE and NUTRITION on the off-grid homestead.

Justin Rhodes: You name a topic and he has a homesteading video on it!

Wranglestar: “Join the Wranglerstar family as we blaze a trail for all those who dream of becoming truly independent from the mythological American dream.”

Homesteady: “All the best Homesteading, Hunting, Fishing, Gardening and DIY Videos from Homesteady, the Podcast about homesteading!”

Better Together Life: “This Vlog is our journey to intentional living. Knowing us, this little channel may become more of a “How NOT to Guide” in the first years of homeschool, building a homestead in Texas, and navigating everything new and in between.”

jnull0: “learning as we go through life, and having a few laughs.”

Weed ’em and Reap: “After years of health issues and working the 9 to 5, Kevin & DaNelle, along with their children Ethan & Lydia, decided to move to a 1-acre lot in the city of Phoenix, Arizona, perfectly zoned for all sorts of agricultural activities.

TexasPrepper2: “Here you’ll find videos on gardening, fruit production, raising chickens, fish, bees, livestock and just about everything else related to starting, or continuing to build your homestead. It’s about making you and your family as self-reliant as possible.”

Plant Abundance: “Here you will find information on growing a garden, organic gardening techniques, establishing a backyard food forest, companion planting, edible and medicinal plants, raising backyard chickens and so much more!”

The Grow Network: “Welcome to The Grow Network! In case we’re meeting for the first time, we’d like you to know that we’re the online home of a global network of people who produce their own food and medicine.”

MIGardener: “100% Organic Gardening, Self-Sustainability, Healthy Recipes and much more for the gardener of today. Learn how to grow more, live healthier lives and have fun doing it!”

Homesteading Ways: “We do videos on life at the cabin including all sorts of DIY projects, homesteading, and everything to do with living off the grid.”

Deep South Homestead: Bringing you southern homestead videos about farm life: raising vegetables and animals, debt-free living, our past times we enjoy and maybe get a laugh along the way.




I have personally listened to quite a few episodes of each of these podcasts. I felt they deserved to be part of the best 2019 homesteading resources list. Each one has so much information. You are sure to find one that interests and even helps you on your homesteading journey.


Survival Podcast: The Survival Podcast is a daily podcast about self-sufficiency and self-reliance in the modern world hosted by Jack Spirko.

Sow Edible Permaculture Podcast: This is hosted by another husband and wife duo, Stacy and Amy; and they share the adventure of building their Self-sufficient Permaculture Farm and Off-grid house.

Pioneering Today Podcast: This podcast is hosted by Melissa K. Norris and she does this podcast to inspire folks in the Christian faith and pioneer roots.

Permaculture Voices: This podcast is hosted by Diego Footer and he and his guests talk about all aspects of permaculture, not just how it is used on your property but how permaculture principles can be used in all areas of life.

Mountain Woman Radio: This podcast is hosted by Tammy Trayer of Trayer Wilderness and is a lot of fun to listen to.

Modern Homesteading Podcast: This podcast talks about all things homesteading, discussing things like gardening, livestock, food preservation, foraging, hunting, fishing and the know-how and skills that will help you in your homesteading journey.

Homesteady: Podcast with stories about hunting, fishing, and farming.

The Cogcast Podcast: Podcast that discusses Homesteading & farming topics like chickens, ducks, goats, bees, organic gardening, sustainability, self-reliance & poultry.

The Farming Podcast: A podcast about farming and homesteading.

The Prepper Broadcasting Network: Promoting Self-reliance and Independence. Broadcasts are designed to involve the listener, answering the 5 W’s of who, what, when, where, why and the how-to of being prepared, self-reliant and self-sustaining.

Gardenerd Tip of the Week: The Gardenerd Tip of the Week is your one-stop-shop for organic gardening tips and tidbits. Seasonal, organic, and fun advice for your urban farm, homestead, and garden.


>In this Ultimate Guide to the Best 2019 Homesteading Resources, I have compiled the best of the best. There are websites, youtube channels, books, courses, ebooks and more. Sit back grab a drink and immerse yourself in this long list of resources.



Although I have not been able to take all of these courses myself, I can say that every course listed here deserves to be in the best 2019 homesteading resources list whether from my own opinion or from others that have taken the course.


Our Provident Homestead: Offers 5 courses on Teachable currently. The courses are on Raising Baby Chickens (free), Starting Your First Garden(free), Personal Documents and Finances for Emergencies (20$), Building 72 Hour Kits To Fit Your Family (30$), and Emergency Plans For Your Busy Family (30$).

Insteading: All of your best online learning options for Gardening, Homesteading, Permaculture, & Other DIY Skills

Piwakawaka Valley: Offers a Course that runs on a monthly basis for 12 months. It is called The Productive Gardner 52 Week Course and it currently runs $9.99 per month.

Rockin W Homestead: Shelle offers a dehydrating course called Dehydrating Made Easy. It’s $197, but a close friend of mine says it is every bit worth the amount!

Kaits Garden: Kait offers a great seed saving course on Teachable. I completed this course and it is very helpful.

Farming My Backyard: Kathryn offers free gardening courses on chickens, goats, and gardening.

Online Gardening School: Rick Stone offers about 7 gardening courses all around 30$. He also offers a bundle that includes all his courses for $120.

The Herbal Academy: Offers herbal courses from beginning to advanced.

The Nerdy Farm Wife: Offers a complete soap making course. There is also another option that offers the addition of an ebook.

Mr Animal Farm: This is their first course on chickens with a few other courses in the works. The cost is currently $6.00.

Pioneering Today Academy: This is a huge and very useful resource by MelissaKNorris you should really check out. (Enrollment is not available as of January 2019, however, this link will take you to a form that will allow you to be notified when it does.)

Design And Plan Your Ideal Homestead: From yours truly. This is a free 5-Day Email Course that walks you completely planning your homestead from dreaming to an action plan. Just scroll all the way down and click the subscribe button or click the link in the sidebar to get started today!

The Experimental Homesteader: This site offers quite a few affordable courses on herbs, holiday cookies, organic gardening and more! Get in now while her prices are discounted!


In this Ultimate Guide to the Best 2019 Homesteading Resources, I have compiled the best of the best. There are websites, youtube channels, books, courses, ebooks and more. Sit back grab a drink and immerse yourself in this long list of resources.



I have almost every e-book in this long list of e-books. If I don’t already have them, then they were highly recommended by others as to be included as some of the best 2019 homesteading resources.


Mr Animals Farm: Offers 2 e-books, one on chickens and one on goats. Both can be found on Amazon. Getting Started With Chickens can be found here. And Getting Started With Goats can be found here.

2019 homesteading resources


Barnyard In Your Backyard: The perfect book for anyone who has ever dreamed of having that little place in the country, Barnyard in Your Backyard offers tried-and-true, expert advice on raising healthy, happy, productive farm animals.


2019 homsteading resources


Homesteading: A backyard guide to growing your own food, canning, keeping chickens, generating your own energy, crafting, herbal medicine, and more. This book has so much information in it! There isn’t much you can’t find in this book. It is my second favorite homesteading go-to resource! 


Welcome To The World of Homesteading: Wonderful and helpful book for new homesteaders when you sign up to receive Jessica’s newsletter at the 104 Homestead.

5 Ways To Save Money Homesteading: Great little e-book from Mr Animal Farm.

Win Your Weed War: This “report comes free from The Prairie Homestead upon signing up for her informative newsletter.

The Holistic Gardening Handbook: Offered for free on The Smiling Gardener website.

Diy Natural Cleaning and Real Food Crash Course: Both offered upon sign up on Live Simply.

How To Prepare For Severe Weather: Another freebie upon signup from A Debt Free Stress-Free Life

How To Preserve Food at Home: More of a free e-guide from MelissaKNorris upon sign up.

The Top 25 Recipes E-Cookbook: Offered upon sign up at A Pinch of Yum.

How to Make & Customize Your Own Hot Process Soap: Available from Healing Harvest Homestead. Heidi is a genius at soap making and has many other books and products on her website you will love as well! Sign up for her resource library and find many more books and great freebies here.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats 101: Background & Basics: Offered at Better Hens and Gardens by Leesa. This book is “the first book in a series of ebooks on the breed, and it describes why the breed is so popular, what the basic requirements are for keeping Nigerian Dwarf goats, and the questions you should consider before committing to owning them.”

Dehydrator Diary: Another great resource from Rockin W Homestead.

Pasture Raising Livestock- A Beginners Guide: An e-book from Flip Flop Barnyard teaching you how to raise your own grass-fed beef, pasteurized pork and more.

Make Your Own Vinegar: A freebie for signing up at Oak Hill Homestead.

The Zero Waste Vegan Cookbook: Brand new release from Tiny Yellow Bungalow. Pretty packed full of recipes and tips!



I am sure there are many resources available that I didn’t cover here! The internet is a very big place after all.


These are the best 2019 homesteading resources that I use at the present time or that came as highly recommended from other homesteaders and homestead bloggers.  If you have a great resource of your own or know of one you think should be mentioned here please feel free to drop me a note in the comments or hit me up on my contact page!


I hope this list of resources helps you with your homesteading journey!





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