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Self-sufficiency basically means having the ability to provide everything you and your family need to live and survive without the help of outside sources. You rely on your abilities and skills to provide for your family. You become independent and thus self-sufficient.


Reasons to be Self-Sufficient


1. Personal Satisfaction


The biggest reward to self-sufficiency is knowing that you grow your own food, learn new things, and live free from others. It gives one the highest form of personal satisfaction. It gives one a greater sense of self-worth.


2. Political Independence


Self-sufficiency means being independent. Most people who have a self-sufficient life refuse to depend on their government and government agencies. They refuse to trust the fact that in an emergency the government will provide assistance. Most self-sufficient homesteaders don’t trust the government or their agencies at all.


3. The Need to be Prepared


This is usually the biggest and most important reason for taking the path towards self-sufficiency. Self-sufficient people have a strong desire to be prepared for potential catastrophes and upcoming emergencies. The ability to be self-sufficient means being ready for any emergency whether it be weather, war, or other disasters.


4. Environmental Preservation


Self-sufficient people care very deeply about their environment. They reduce waste in their homes to a bare minimum. Organic practices are used. They reuse as many materials as possible. They use environmentally safe products. Self-sufficient people work towards the protection of endangered life such as bees and wildlife.

Many self-sufficient people live in tiny homes. See Why I Chose a Tiny House.


How to Become Self-Sufficient


1. Grow Your Own Food

self-sufficient garden

There are many ways to become self-sufficient. The first is growing your own food. There are no limits here.

Some options include:

  • Fruit and vegetable growing: Growing what you eat in a plot right in your own backyard.
  • Indoor gardening: Whether in a self-built greenhouse or a structure with grow lights and adequate ventilation.
  • Herb gardening: unlimited design options to grow all the herbs you use within a fairly small space.
  • Edible grains/ perennials: Provide a yearly harvest of good food.
  • Backyard orchard: Growing fruit trees that are feasible for your climate.


2. Raising Animals/ Beekeeping

self-sufficient animals

Even if your property does not allow for cattle, there are many animals that can be kept in smaller spaces’

Options include:


3. Home Skills

-sufficient living-canning food

There are so many skills to be learned that will help with your journey to self-sufficiency. Learning each new skill will enable you to become more independent.

These skills include:


4. First Aid and Prepping

self-sufficient-living building a fire

With our wacky weather and all the craziness in the world, everyone should know basic first aid skills and be prepared for disasters.

These skills may include:


5. Gardening Skills

self-sufficient living: greenhouse

These skills can help provide you with bountiful harvests year after year.

These skills include:


A self-sufficient lifestyle is not easy to achieve. It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and sometimes a lot of work. But the results are worth the effort you put in. The reward is the benefit of having a life independent of outside sources. You will be able to provide the things you need for your family. You will live a happier, healthier, and self-sufficient life.

Self sufficient living is being dependent on yourself to provide for your family.

For more information on becoming more self-sufficient, check out these sites!


Do you practice some of the ways to become more self-sufficient on your homestead? What other ways can you share with us to become more self-sufficient?


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