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Many people have the misconception that you need to own property, have livestock, and grow massive gardens to be a homesteader. That’s simply not true! There are many ways you can live like a homesteader without a homestead.

All of the actions and skills mentioned here are all doable no matter where you live. Whether you live in an RV in a park, an apartment in the city, or even in your parent’s basement, all of these can be accomplished.

Homesteading is about living a better, simpler, healthier, and more self-sustained lifestyle. These 5 ways should help you live like a homesteader without a homestead.


Ways to Live Like a Homesteader Without a Homestead


#1 Canning:

Canning and making jam is one of the ways you can live like a homesteader without a homestead.

Homesteaders can, it’s a fact. We save our harvest for enjoyment throughout the year. Even if you don’t grow your own produce you can still can the produce you buy.

Here are resources for canning:

Make sure you was all that produce with your own DIY Produce Washes and Sprays.


#2 Cooking From Scratch:

Making fresh pasta is one way to live like a homesteader without a homestead.

Photo by Jorge Zapata on Unsplash

Homesteaders try to make as much as possible from scratch. From pasta to soups, to whole meals, stop buying those unhealthy boxed meals and learn to make your own at home.

Here are resources for cooking from scratch:

  • The Prairie Homestead: This is Jill’s page on all of the “from scratch” recipes she has on her blog. Grab some coffee and find some great recipes here.
  • Keeper of the Home: Great post on what you need for the kitchen and pantry to get started cooking from scratch.
  • Our Heritage of Health: Informative article on how to cook from scratch every day without spending all day in the kitchen.

For an easy Applesauce recipe read The Best Ever Crockpot Applesauce from yours truly.


#3 Making Homemade Bread:

Baking bread is one of the ways you can live like a homesteader without a homestead.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Homesteaders love making homemade bread. They prefer fresh bread over store bought any day.

Here are resources for baking your own bread:

For a great topping for that homemade bread, you can learn how I make homemade butter in my KitchenAid mixer here.


#4 Use Herbs:

Using herbs is a great way to start living like a homesteader without a homestead.

Photo by Thomas Rehehäuser on Unsplash

Herbs are used by homestead in a multitude of ways. They grow herbs at home, which you can do on a windowsill, they dry herbs to use in recipes, and they use fresh herbs for cooking, natural medicines, and even crafts.

Here are resources for using herbs in your home:

  • Our Tiny Homestead: Very detailed explanation of herbs, from growing to preserving to using them in the home.
  • The Prepared Homestead: A resource page on all their great herb related posts. You’re sure to find what you need there.
  • The Hip Homestead: Cute post on 7 Witchy ways to use herbs.

Learn how to get started preserving herbs in your home by reading Preserving Herbs on the Homestead.


#5 Build a Pantry:

Having a pantry is one way to live like a homesteader without a homestead.

All homesteaders have a pretty well-stocked pantry. Pantries allow you to take stock on those items you use on a regular basis. Whether it be a closet in your kitchen or elsewhere in the home everyone should have one.

Here are resources for starting and maintaining a pantry.

  • A Chick and Her Garden: This lady gives an excellent idea of what a homestead pantry is and great suggestions of what to include in it.
  • A Modern Homestead: This site is amazing. She offers a great listing of what to include your pantry as well as links and printables. A must read!’
  • Organized Home: An intense amount of information here on how to stock a pantry, what to buy, printables and more.

Check out my Pinterest Pantry Board for even more pantry ideas.

Learn these 5 ways to live like a homesteader without a homestead and you will have a great start on your homesteading journey.


These 5 ways to live like a homesteader without a homestead should get you started on a great homesteading journey. Start slow, learn new skills one at a time and before you know it you’ll be calling yourself a homesteader!


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