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When I started homesteading a few years ago, I was overwhelmed. I didn’t know where to start, I didn’t know how to plan, basically, I was lost. Being the researching type of person that I am I decided the best place to begin was the internet. I figured I would look up other homesteaders and see what they were doing. In that research, I came across 10 homesteading blogs that I continue to read religiously.

10 Homesteading Blogs you need to be following regularly!

Each of the homesteading blogs below provides a plethora of information on pretty much every topic you can think of. I have used these blogs to plan for my chickens and other animals, to make my own cleaners and candles. to plan meals and more. Today I am sharing those blogs with you so you can find helpful information on your homesteading journey. Click the blog name to be taken to the site.



Homesteading Blogs




The Prairie Homestead:


homesteading blogs theprairiehomstead.com

image via The Prairie Homestead














One of the best homesteading blogs is run by Jill Winger. She and her husband and three children live on a large rural property in Wyoming. Her stories are amazing and she offers information on everything you could ever want to learn about homesteading. From recipes to gardening to the care of animals on the homestead, there is something on this site for everyone. She does a lot with essential oils and has a few books published you should check out also. She has a great 5 Step Action Plan for homesteading you should download.  Make sure you sign up for her newsletter while you are there!


She does a lot with essential oils and has a few books published you should check out also. She has a great 5 Step Action Plan for homesteading you should download.  Make sure you sign up for her newsletter while you are there! This is the first site I found and I absolutely love all the information available there!



The Pioneer Settler:


homesteading blogs pioneersettler.com

image via Pioneer Settler







This homesteading blog is another complete information source for homesteaders. This blog offers projects, recipes, gardening, home skills, and self-sufficiency articles just to name a few.


You can purchase cute t-shirts and a wonderful canning kit that even comes with a great canning book! If you sign up for their newsletter, you can receive free survival seed playing cards. I highly recommend this site to anyone looking for answers about homesteading.



104 Homestead:


homesteading blogs 104homestead.com

image via 104 Homestead














Jessica runs this homesteading blog in Maine where she lives with her husband and three children. She raises goats and other animals and raises most of her own food. My favorite thing about this site is how she says you can homestead no matter where you are! She is all about using what you have available and her articles are helpful and informative.


Her newsletter, The Homestead Helper, is a consistent and useful newsletter filled with wonderful goodies anybody would enjoy. One of the cool things Jessica does is having a page that highlights all types of homesteader blogs in all different types of living situations. There is someone on that page that everyone can relate to and it shows that you can homestead no matter where you are or how much land you have.



Common Sense Homesteading:


homesteading blogs commonsensehome.com

image via Common Sense Homesteading
















Laurie Neverman runs this homesteading blog that is all about, as she says, ” using sound judgment to be more self-reliant.”  Laurie has a book entitled “Common Sense Health Diet, Detox, and Physical Activities” that is available on her site and is all about gaining better health. She also offers about 30 other books she has written on her site. Getting Started Homesteading is an e-book you receive for signing up for her newsletter, and I loved it.


If you wanna improve your health and do things more naturally, then this is a blog you should be reading!



A Modern Homestead:


homesteadingblogs amodernhomestead.com

image via A Modern Homestead










Victoria Pruitt runs this homesteading blog in Texas where she lives with her husband and one child. It is for a busier lifestyle and offers homesteading skills, recipes from scratch, and frugal living tips. You can join her in her journey of using essential oils also. She offers a great starter kit so you can get started in business with her. That is in my plans sometime in 2017!


If organic eating is your thing but you think you can’t afford it, look no further than this website! She has it to a science and she saves money at it too. Check out her website for all of the great information, products, and advice she offers!




The Elliott Homestead:


homesteading blogs theelliotthomestead.com

image via The Elliot Homestead













Shaye Elliott runs this homesteading blog. She lives in the state of Washington with her family where she manages her farm. She offers a cookbook of 75 recipes that are derived from the food she acquires from her own land, you can work with her selling doTerra Oils, and she offers many products on her product page that are made by her.


Shaye is a true entrepreneur and a great inspiration to those homesteaders who wonder how to make a nice income while living and working at home. Be sure to check out her site!



Mr Animal Farm: 


homesteading blogs mranimalfarm.com

Image via MrAnimalFarm.com


MrAnimalFarm is a small farm in Virginia that specializes in Silkie Chickens and Nigerian Goats. They have well written informative articles and offer great information via Twitter! Their website is one of the newer homesteading blogs but has plenty of information packed within its posts.


They also have a YouTube channel with videos that everyone would enjoy.  They offer e-books and e-courses on their product page also. Make sure you sign up for their newsletter while you’re there!




Homestead Honey:

homesteading blogs homestead-honey.com

image via Homestead Honey














Teri Page is an off-grid homesteader in Missouri that grows her own food, raises her own animals and preserves her own food along with her husband and two children. She talks about her tiny house they built, homeschooling, living without electricity and more.


She offers an e-course and a few e-books on her site. Also offered is a mentoring membership and coaching for help with your homestead. Her newsletter is filled with great information and by signing up you receive a free copy of her book Your Radical Homestead.



Not So Modern Housewife:


homesteading blogs notsomodern.com

image via Not So Modern Housewife













Bonnie offers a blog hop every Wednesday with some great posts being shared, as well as recipes and great articles on animals for the homestead too. She also has some great recipes for household cleaners, I would know because I use her recipes to make my own. Check out her site and sign up for her newsletter while you’re there!



Life at Cobble Hill Farms:


homesteading blogs life at cobble hill farms

image via Life at Cobble Hill Farms









Staci lives on a micro farm in upstate New York and has a very extensive and informative website about everything homesteading. I love her FAQ’s found on her about page! There are a lot of handmade goodies available for purchase on her product page, as well as a wonderful $60.00 a week grocery budget articles that are pretty impressive.


Her blog posts cover everything from her animals to blogging to gardening and craft ideas. There is something there for everyone.



I hope this small list of homesteading blogs helps you find more efficient ways of doing things on the homestead, helps you feel that you’re not alone on the homesteading journey you’re on and gives you access to a great homestead community right at your fingertips!

Do you have homesteading blogs you follow that you can share with our readers? Please share them with us below!