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Fall is my favorite time of year. The leaves turn colors, the temperatures start to cool, and preparations start for the winter months. It is also the time I start on my fall homesteading chores.

My list of things that need to get done is honed in on my southern homestead so they may be different if you live in a different climate than me. However, it is a good way to get you started on thinking about what needs to be done on your homestead.


Fall Homesteading Chores in the Garden


This time of year is all about planting for us Floridians. From August throughout October, we plant our late summer and early winter crops. I try to concentrate on planting crops that I am able to can and preserve, mostly.

Vegetable crops I plant include:

  • beans
  • corn
  • eggplant
  • squash
  • onions
  • peppers
  • tomatoes
  • pumpkin  (Click here for a roundup of pumpkin recipes)
  • watermelon
  • cabbage
  • celery
  • broccoli
  • cucumbers
  • lettuce
  • radish
  • kale
  • spinach
  • strawberries


I also start new herbs in the garden including:

  • ginger
  • rosemary
  • dill
  • sage
  • parsley
  • garlic
  • chives
  • lemon balm
  • chamomile
  • basil
  • mint

I take cuttings from my stevia and other herbs that get hung and dried as well. I also start new seeds and bulbs for flowers at this time.


Fall Homesteading Chores in the Coop


Fall is clean out time in the chicken coop. The straw bedding comes out and is used for mulch around my new fall gardens. New hay is replaced. The nesting boxes are also cleaned and new hay is placed in them also.

I will be installing automatic feeders and waterers since the number of chickens have increased.

The roof of the chicken coop will be sealed again and any maintenance issues will be addressed such as fencing or structural issues.

The meat chickens will go to slaughter soon and that will be the start of the freezer inventory for the winter months.


Fall Homesteading Chores Around the House


Fall is decorating time here on my homestead and since it is my favorite time of the year I go nuts! All of my fall wreaths and all my scarecrows go up. I replace all my spring and summer yard ornaments with fall ones.

This time of year is also used to clean and do any maintenance on and around the house, the patio, and the area immediately surrounding my home. I clean the windows inside and out,  I pressure wash the patios and decks and address maintenance issues as needed.

This time of year I have all the trees trimmed of any old, dead or dangerous branches. I also replace the mulch as needed around my plants.

Morning Chores has a great post of fall homesteading chores if you live in a northern climate. You can see that article here.


Fall homesteading chores are easier to tackle when you know what needs done and you make a plan for your chores!


Fall is a busy but productive time of year on this homestead. I make a list that I print out for my homestead binder of all the chores I need to do. Then I plan out when to do each task in my planner.  Click here to learn how to use a planner on your homestead. It really helps me to stay organized. By the end of October, I am prepared and ready to start my winter homestead chores.

Be sure to read Winter Homestead Preparations to prepare your homestead for the winter months.

Do you do similar chores for the fall on your homestead? What tasks do you accomplish for fall?


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