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Do you want to attract birds to your garden? Placing feeders will give a nice food supply, but flowers and plants attract even more birds.Flowers have so much more to offer than just their beauty. And these flowers prove that by attracting many birds to the garden.



Top 10 Plants to Attract Birds


Attract birds

Sunflowers:  These are the queens of the birdseed world. Birds love sunflower seeds. Sunflowers are annuals, have many varieties to choose from, and grow from one foot to 15 feet tall. They come in many wonderful colors too. Grow these beauties in full sun from spring to late fall. At the end of the season, the flower turns into a large seed head that will attract birds from all over.




attract birds with coneflowers

Coneflowers: This is another favorite for your feathered visitors. Coneflowers come in a beautiful array of colors and grow from summer through fall. The cones of these flowers will attract finches for the seeds they produce in fall.





attract birds with golden rod

GoldenRod: Growing in full sun from summer to fall, this annual provides an endless food supply for your feathered visitors if you deadhead these flowers as necessary.





attract birds with black eyed susan

Black-Eyed Susan: A classic preference of birds in the garden. Black-Eyed Susans come in many more colors than the traditional yellow most people are used to. Grow these in full sun to light shade from summer through fall.




attract birds with cosmos flower

Cosmos: Growing in single and double blooms, this daisy-shaped flower is a low maintenance beauty adored by birds. Again this plant grows in full sun from summer to fall.





attract birds with millet

Millet: This plant comes in many forms and sizes and is grown a lot as a small cover crop. Birds love millet. Commonly used as a treat for indoor birds such as parakeets in the home.It grows in sun or shade, can get up to 6 foot tall and grows from summer to fall.





attract birds with coreopsis

Coreopsis: Grown as an annual and a perennial, also called Tickseed. This is a great drought-tolerant plant that blooms late spring until fall. Watch out because the perennial will eventually take over if you let it.





attract birds with shrimp plant

Shrimp Plant: Unlike the other flowers and plants above, this one is a favorite to Hummingbirds. They love the nectar from these plants and can be seen all day long fluttering around the flowers. The Shrimp Plant is more for tropical regions unless brought indoors in the winter, as it is a perennial.





attract birds with holly

Holly: One of the favorite staples of birds in the winter are the berries of the Holly plant. This is a perennial that grows most anywhere and makes a nice addition to the food source for birds in the winter. Especially relevant, do not let children eat the berries because they are highly poisonous.




attract birds with honeysuckle

Honeysuckle: A perennial that will attract birds for its nectar, it is a vine that produces mass amounts of flowers that attract’s many types of birds. The aroma can be enjoyed by people as well as this is a highly fragrant plant. Purple Finches, Cardinals, Blue Jays, and Baltimore Orioles favor this plant.





For more information on how to attract birds to your yard, check out Audobon.org, their website is filled with information about birds. Do you grow specific plants to attract birds to your landscape? Tell me about them in the comments below.