Hi I’m Annie

I love animals, antiques, anything old actually, and anything country! I have a dream and a goal to own and restore an old farmhouse and have tons of property to homestead on. I love to cook and the kitchen is the busiest part of my tiny house. I bake my own bread, preserve my own food and love sharing what I make with others.

My inspiration…

My fathers side of the family were farmers, tobacco farmers to be exact, in Abingdon, Virginia. They owned a lot of land, grew most of their own food, raised their own animals and cooked from scratch over a wood stove.  I can remember as a small child, going in the summer to spend time there, and not wanting to come back to the city. My grandparents were born in the late 1800’s so I really didn’t get the chance to learn a lot from them, however, seeing the old farmhouse and hearing stories was enough to spark a dream of living a farm life.

What stopped me…

Even though the dream was burning inside me to start this “farm life”, I found myself a single mom of four wonderful children with almost no support. I didn’t think I could take on such a dream without a husband, much less with four small children. So I went to work, homeschooled my children, and went about life thinking that not all dreams come true. I did this for almost 18 years, and you know what? I did it on the very property I live on now and never realized the opportunity here.  I realized after the kids grew up that, “duh”, here it is (literally) at my feet! And so it began.  I built a tiny house on the back section of the property and started turning my dream into a reality.

My tiny house

Where I am now…

Now I homestead here with my oldest daughter, her husband, 3 grandchildren and my mom and dad. We eat together, shop together and grow together. I raise chickens, goats, pigs and ducks. I intend on adding miniature donkeys and quail this spring.  We grow fruit, berry bushes, herbs and many seasonal vegetables. The grandbabies love helping out and they learn new things every day. We have added 4 dogs and a cat to the menagerie of animals that calls 15 Acre Homestead home.

Homesteading is hard work as there is always something to do; cutting trees, mowing the field, maintenance, cleaning the barn, feeding the animals, and harvesting food just to name a few. But the benefits and the rewards of eating healthier, breathing fresh air, and working from my living room window makes it all worth it.

The best part about homesteading for me is seeing the grandchildren eating healthy, having a safe place to run and play, and still being able to care for my parents too. I have a lot of goals on my list and I work towards them daily. I work hard and I do have days that I am exhausted, but I love every minute of it and I’m glad I took the leap of faith and just started.